Testo della canzone Friday Afternoon Drive (Ysanygo feat. Marciano), tratta dall'album Friday Afternoon Drive

Friday Afternoon Drive - Ysanygo feat. Marciano

Lately, I've been going out alone
Taking my time as I drive away from home
I just want a change of scenery
Checking out the sunset, I think that's all I need
I'm still learning to be independent
But sometimes it gets difficult
And if ever someone comes along
Better grab the keys, 'cause I know I could use a

Friday afternoon drive with you
(I know I could use a)
Friday afternoon drive with you

Since you went on, I was just standing here all alone
Thinking maybe this is what I need to get in my zone
I can never take the pain away
All I see are the memories might fade away
Haunting me from day to day
When you were here, we were staying on the ways
That could end up leading everything of truth, or a better day
I hope that one day, I could see you next
After seeing all the problems, girl, I wish you the best, aye-yeah
Friday afternoon drive
What's good when I don't see you on my right side?
Feeling lonely when you don't think with the right mind
Saying maybe this is how it feels in the wrong time, aye-yeah
What it do?
Used to ride it everyday 'til Friday afternoon
Wondering maybe that you're the one for me
'Cause I really felt the vibe on how you come up to me, aye-yeah

I guess we've changed
For the better, or the worst, kept switching lanes
Can't remember all the days that we've patched our pain
All the markings on our hearts with all bunch of stains, yeah
This Friday afternoon got me thinking again
Continue moving on, and just really be friends
'Cause I
Want you, but I will let you decide
You know we could really use a

Friday afternoon drive with you
(I know I could use a)
Friday afternoon drive with you
(I know I could use a)

Been waiting for that call on my phone
I've been really left alone by my own
And I guess it's pretty senseless
Talking to myself like I'm kinda helpless
Thinking 'bout you, what I did was really careless, and yeah-uh-uh
You know me, trouble-making everywhere
I guess that you could see how you changed me, yeah
From what I was

Lately, making all the things that kinda makes me lost, yeah-ah
I guess I'm pullin' up on ya
Get you back, and I will tryna make it good for ya
Believe me that I will really set the mood for ya
Really get a groove for ya
Give you all the things and uh
Right side, looking at you from the left side
Friday afternoon drive 'til we set the mood right
Bring it back, 'cause we really need to lose pride
Time to ride, 'cause we need to get a good slide

Having you around is something else (Ay, yeah)
I can't believe I got you
Crazy how it's pretty late
I guess it's time that we go home
But you know that I'd always want a

Friday afternoon drive with you
(I know I could use a)
Friday afternoon drive with you
(I know I could use a)
Friday afternoon drive with you
(I know I could use a)
Friday afternoon drive with you

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