Family (feat. Dora and Dolly) - Young Thug, Dolly & Dora

(I'm like woo, yeah)
Yeah Dora in this motherfucker with me
(I'm like woo, yeah)
We just gon' ride the beat
Nothing major
(I'm like woo, yeah)
It look like some, you know
(I'm like woo, yeah)
You know what I'm saying?
You know what I'm saying?

Got lil Dolly on the side of me
(YSL shit)
We finna to aim at your fuckin' teeth
(We doing shit)
If you ain't 'bout it then you fuckin' weak
Do what you do, don't fuck with me
(Dont fuck with me)
AK's and them choppers on my seat
(They on the seat)
Pull up, skrrt, skrrt, excuse me
Everybody know who I be
Lil Dora from that fuckin' zone three
(Zone three)
Determination, dedication (Slime)
Ain't shit on my brain but fuckin' motivation (yeah)
I get it from lil' Thugger, you know relations (relations)
Grind, grind, grind, that motivation
(It's my motivation)
I'm like woo, yeah
You know it's motivation
I get it from lil Thugger, grind, grind, motivation
I'm like woo, yeah
You know it's motivation
I get it from lil Thugger, you know that grind, grind, grind

I be grindin' with my sister on the low, yeah
We ain't running that's for sure and you know, yeah
Bitches play with me and Dora, you gon' see, yeah
I ain't playin' with no bitch, I'm in these streets strapped
I been grindin' for some time and I done got it back
I been grindin' for some time, and that's a fact
Been grindin' all along, fucked up the sack
Been grindin' all along, Thugger gave it back

Like a real nigga, yes sir, yes sir, I gave it back
I ran up me a big bag and I gave her some racks
I pulled up in a new Jag and I hope you don't slack
Me, I'ma pop your cap, I'ma pop your nap
Niggas shinin' like they greased up
Fuck us, please us, just don't tease us
Bitch, I'm hot without a teacup
Ice on dollars make me freeze up
Whip the cold off the Remy gun
They be tied up, this a one-to-one
Itchy finger with my fucking palm
Let us fuck, nigga not horny
Hell no, sleep with me
Give her this wood like a fuckin' tree
I know you miss me and that's so hard for me
They wanna see these bloods like they cuttin' me
You sure, come sleep with me
You'sa connoisseur you can't be with me
Now if you don't need me, you can be with me
Baby girl, baby girl, if you like beef you can be with me, hey
You not worth a dime, nah
Boy you not like us, you can not be a slime
I was thuggin' on a bus and you can ask around
I just did a feature then I charged them ninety-nines
Cause if you got dope then you got hope
Baby pussy wet as a boat
I'mma just tryna stay me afloat
And I ran it up and now she know it
And my diamonds flawless like I'm Floyd, yeah

Mothafucka Dora and Dolly with me
You know what I'm sayin'
We the clan, you dig what I'm sayin'
It's the real heat right here, you know
And that sound like that gon' do it right there
Nothing more important than family
My motherfuckin nigga, my la familia to the bone real shit
Only thing more important than money is family
Do it like, aight same with you, do it with me, woah

Writer(s): Jeffery Lamar Williams, Wesley Tyler Glass
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