Testo della canzone Been Getting Money (Young Jeezy feat. Akon), tratta dall'album True Story

Been Getting Money - Young Jeezy feat. Akon

Had a mill at 16 know how that felt?
And I'm still kicking shit, bitch black belt
Shoulda seen me in that yella 4-30
Got it washed everyday, bitch never seen dirty
Told me meet him at the waffle house, he got a clean.30
On my Domino's shit, only took a mean 30
My folks always on time yeah I'm talking [?]
I'm in something low-key [?]
Steady mobbing be the game
Cut the music down cause my cellphone ringing
From what I just heard think my cellphone dreaming
Wasn't doing this I'd probably be a politician
Fuck first forty-eight just too much snitching
Cause I ain't pulling over be a whole lotta arresting

Ain't a damn thing change now
Cause I been getting money
Who you know pulled up
Black cars drewed up
With the big-faced hundreds
Put them things on the road now
Nigga still getting that dough now
Niggas think I lucked up, must got me fucked up
Cause I been getting money

And just when I thought it couldn't get no better
Nigga hit me on my chirp, got all my cheddar
All wondering why I got this shit runnin like a shower
Big bag full of white, you woulda thought it was some flour
Work hard in the kitchen like a culinary school
I be doin my thang, I'm a culinary fool
So much Pj, I was pissin that shit, talkin bottles so big put a fist in that shit
You were born that way, always be a hater
Don Jaun on these hoes, always be a playa
Way I work through the check I Shoulda been a calculator
I'm so cold with this shit, count it in the refrigerator
Jewelry store, green bob bought my first Cartier
Threw em 30 thou and got the fuck up outta there
That's how jo jo [?] one day got indicted
If it's a party with the feds, I ain't tynna get invited

Imagine this breeze coming from the ceiling fast
Stack a hundred bills in your right hand
Right there by the couch bag of rubber bands
Gotta get 5, double stacked that's a hundred grand
Rose gold jacob, 4 units for the timepiece
Got my niggas working so much they need a time sheet
They thought it was a joke until I copped that 6
7: 45 pull up in that bitch
Ever see a nigga pop a hundred bottles for the club
[?], get the money, get ya love
One song, blew a quarter chicken, yeah that's a [?]
If a nigga re'ing up with half a ticket that's a car quote

Writer(s): Aliaune Thiam, Markus Alandrus Randle, Jay W Jenkins
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