Testo della canzone Open (Yelawolf feat. Caskey & DJ Paul), tratta dall'album Yelawolf Blacksheep

Open - Yelawolf feat. Caskey & DJ Paul

Chop it up
Chop it up
Chop it up
DJ Paul, KOM

She so open, we so open
She so open, we so open
She so open, soon as I pulled out, mane, that thing was still open
Waffle house style, 24-7
Okay, okay, okay

This liquor that's in my system got me spinnin' and talkin' venom
Walkin' through the parkin' lot, dive in the bar, like I'm swimmin'
'Scuse me, bitch, out my way, no security's in my face
Part the seas with my clique, look at this fool, fuck you say?
Never been scared of no hood, never been shook by no hate
Runnin' my town solo dolo, ready to die, testin' fate
Mama's boy, outta my mind, Travis Barker, Psycho White
Barely full, ate that money but I can't fill my appetite

'Cause I am all about that hustle (can't stop, I'm)
All about the trouble (and I might just)
Push up on your bitch (like I am)
All about that muscle (I got that)
Mafia inside me (Three 6 and)
Memphis right beside me (this ain't no)
Ladder worth you climbing (no, bitch, you)
Ain't about to try me ('cause we just)

Double up, double up, triple up, triple up
Jump a motherfucker like a trampoline
Pour it up, pour it up, in a cup, fill it up
Drink a motherfucker under the sea
You dissin', dissin', bitchin', bitchin', dealin', barely copin'
I wish you would, I'm wishin', hopin', 24-7, we stay

Open, we so open
She so open, we so open
She so open, soon as I pulled out, mane, that thing was still open
Waffle house style, 24-7, we stay open

Me and the blue cheese elopin'
Rolled through Winter Springs and we're lookin' like kings
Some teens that we gotta put hope in
Man, the car came through so sick
That shit wasn't my whip, would've thought it was COVID
Strap hangin' off my hip
Shots tryna get in my grip, would've thought I owed it

Folks get shot everyday 'round here
Prob'ly best you don't try to play 'round here
Homeboys doin' stakeouts
You're only A1 if you keepin' you a K 'round here
Man, I zip that down, they don't see my nuts
Y'all buyin' fake-ass zips of the runts
Reason I know 'cause my homeboys all repackage
No actavis, in the streets we active

I am all about the hustle (can't match me)
Red dot on your head, it (ain't acne)
Who the hottest in the city?
Well, that depend on who you askin'
I keep my gun handy
Y'all done opened up a can of worms with me, it's uncanny
Off the drugs 'cause I'm liable to try to kill you pussies off of one Xanny

To the opps plotted, like the money, had to stretch it
How you s'posed to win? Yo' package gettin' intercepted
I send them shots again, the first time, you ain't get the message
Don't know when it's gon' end so every day should count yo' blessings
And every day I stay open

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