Benz Boys (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) - Wiz Khalifa feat. Curren$y & Ty Dolla $ign

Stay papered up, woah
Stay papered up, on gang (Oh)
Stay papered up, woah
Stay papered up, on gang (Oh)

Heavy ass Mercedes Benz on top rims
Big chain, pink diamonds, candy ring
Couple million dollars off my own strain
Your life like a video game, Grand Turismo
I'm in that GT-R 'cause I pop the six four
I had the match for the cash
Underground garage where I stash
These niggas still in competition
When I pass, move
2009 no time whenever we come through
No falling for traps, these capping ass bitches
Living life behind Snapchat filters
Fuck them, this is us
Still G'd up and way more papered up

Stay papered up, woah
Stay papered up, on gang (Oh)

Okay, I only care 'bout the money
Can't no one take it from me
And I'm smilin' all the time,
But nigga, ain't shit funny
Leavin' out the Gucci store,
Nigga, ain't shit bummy
On the paper chase on your ring, they shit running
Took four years off and the checks kept coming
All the girls wanna treat me
Like I'm special or something
We at number one
Mean we standin' next to nothing
And the shit you rock is fake
But that's another discussion
I see a lota dudes hate and the shit is disgusting
And I travel all the time
Always gettin' through customs
And my livin' room new, everything in there custom
And the gang with me, everything I got is because 'em
Fools need better luck, they be wishing it was them
Go on tour when I want, 50k for the clubing
We a bunch of rich niggas and our kids'll be cousins
And don't gotta open doors
We just pushin' the button
That's on gang, life (Motherfucker)

Stay papered up, woah
Stay papered up, on gang (Oh)
Stay papered up, woah
Stay papered up, on gang (Oh)

Three hundred thousand on your block
Stars in the hotel
Come through it don't stop, unless it's bitches out
Money is all I'm 'bout,
Don't know how much I got
'Cause it's never enough,
Fill another safe up
They only play tough
They really cream puff
I roll another one, forever highed up

Uh, off white kicks
Tryna find a billion dollars 'fore I find the right bitch
Side kick rolled the weed up
Catch a vibe with a real nigga
That'll check his bags private
Come learn how I live
Me and Spitta 'bout to buy the island

Stay papered up, woah
Stay papered up, on gang (Oh)
Stay papered up, woah
Stay papered up, on gang (Oh)

Writer(s): Cameron Jibril Thomaz, Tyrone William Griffin Jr, Damon Blackman, Shante Scott Franklin
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