Testo della canzone The Transformed Man (William Shatner), tratta dall'album The Transformed Man

The Transformed Man - William Shatner

One day, just anther day of organized happiness
Like all the others
I closed all the doors behind me and as a leaf drops out of a tree
I quietly walked out of the life they had planned for me.
Not once did regret clutch my hand; I left on the wings of instinct.
I turned away from a city teaming with desperate and haggard faces
Away from the peddlers of hate and vengeance
Away from the clock that decrees time is money
Away from the arrogant and
Infallible, whose hands are stained with blood

All this I left far behind me
And as a moth seeks light
As water seeks water
I sought the purity of higher regions
Where austere mountains thrust their faces towards the sun

There in my sanctuary
Surrounded by the dignity of pines
And the serenity of grey boulders
I let my eyes drink in the clarity of windswept skies
I felt the warmth of sun-drenched stone
I listened to all the sounds of the earth and I waited
As calm as a hooded falcon for the hand of faith to lift the darkness

Each new dawn flamed above the tree tops,
And scattered white fleece about the skies
And the darkness came and pushed the red lip of sun below the horizon
I lost track of the days, to count them never occurred to me
Cutting myself adrift from the past and the
Future, I became immersed in the of the living moment
The eternal now

Then one day,
In the split of the moment the shutter within flashed open
And a gush of light flooded my being
I became as a pure crystal submerged in a translucent sea
And I knew that I had been awaked
I had touched the face of God!

Writer(s): Don Ralke, Frank Devenport
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