Testo della canzone If You Can't Dance (Will Smith), tratta dall'album Lost and Found

If You Can't Dance - Will Smith

[Will Smith:]
Yo, if you can't dance, it's cool to get up now
Yeah see usually y'all stand off on the side
Y'know you're a lil' embarrased or whatever
But this one of them joints for e'rybody
So get up on up, but keep it simple, slide
[Chorus: Smith + Scherzinger]
If you can't dance then this is your jam, baby
Left to right, all night, slide - that's all you gotta do
If you can't dance then this is your jam, baby
Left to right, all night, slide - that's all you gotta do
[Verse One: Will Smith]
Now we all know the boy at the club, all liquored up
Or with the bub tryin to pick 'em up
Whack dancin, wookin pa nub
His shirt too bright, pants too tight, boy settle down
Now I ain't just messin wit'chu
I got better things to do, I'm tryin to help
I got a lesson for you, I know you do the best you could do
Wanna get next to boo? Then the less you do, the better
Cause women equate dance with sex
They gon' see you, and be like - next
But you gon' be like, hold up ma! - next
But she gon' be like, uh-uh pah! - next
Now looka here, rule number one, know your name
It ain't Usher, Justin, Hammer? Then we can touch ya
Rule number two, never do a dance you can't do
Why stupid? You can't do it
[Will Smith:]
So I'm up in my spot in Miami the other night right
And this dude out on the floor OD'n, just way overdancin
You know so his mami wanna holla at me
[Verse Two: Will Smith]
She thought my name was Billy, I told her it was Willie
She said she watched my TV show and I was very silly
Told her I was from Philly, she looked at me said really?
And judgin from her t-shirt I could tell that she was chilly
So I gave her my sweater, she said her name was Etta
She said she come from Cuba and she just had bought a Jetta
She said she glad I met her, let's go somewhere together
She said she'd ride in my car, cause she knew my car was better
The conversation cookin, attention gettin tooken
My Spidey Sense is tinglin, I felt somebody lookin
Now who this brother lookin, and now he runnin bookin
I'm mad I'm like the fisherman I almost had my hook in
I figured I should get up, and quickly clear my head up
Rosetta got a man, got me feelin kinda set up
Now dude was really fed up, and yo he wouldn't let up
Homey if I hit you you might never ever get up
Now he was not a dancer, plus he wasn't handsome
Comin like Mel Gibson like I had his girl from ransom
Pedro wanna go outside
Yo amigo, tranquilo, slide
[Verse Three: Will Smith]
Now rule number three is easy
Please re-member that you ain't on Beach Street
The sweet beat you ain't tryin to win no TV
Another dude get a move no need to outdo it
Rule number four, out on the floor
Don't be doin moves that don't nobody do no more
Draw too much attention it be adventureous on the floor
There's a reason that don't nobody do 'em no more, you feel me?
This may be hilarious
But rule number five is SERIOUS, uh
It's a shame to even have to discuss
But it's no lip bitin or pelvic thrusts, I mean
You think that move'll put the sting on her?
You too close, tryin to put a ring on her?
You don't know that girl, don't cling on her
And don't put your thing on her, cool?

Writer(s): Troy Johnson, Willard C Smith
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