Testo della canzone Da Butta (Will Smith feat. Lil' Kim), tratta dall'album Willennium

Da Butta - Will Smith feat. Lil' Kim

Uh, uh, uh
Whoo! Ha-ha
Yeah mic check
Mic, mic, mic, mic, mic, mic, mic, mic
Alright now let's go yo

Here come the butter baby
(I bring it smooth and hot)
Here come the butter baby
(Bringing it smooth and hot)
Here come the butter baby
(I bring it smooth and hot)
What? What? What? What?

Here come the butter baby
Bringing it smooth and hot
Got the staff from K-B
Singing this groove a lot
So I got my spiral notebook
Drink and pen
And then abracadabra y'all, done it again
Married but I flirt a little
Siking the ladies
In the videos I be bringing it like Mike in the 80s
Level of success based on my level of risk
You've been yelling for the lyricist
Then reveling this
Old school hip-hop a beat and a rhyme
Some chapters and some verses, you seek and you find
Look no further here I go, Big Will, Johnny Inferno
Flame by hip-hop burns eternal
All aboard on my train to fame
Rappers hoping that it'd rain
Trying to stop the game
But rain can't stop me
I got a coat in the crib
Hey look y'all yellow bricks quit beefin' at the whiz, what?

Here come the butter baby
(I bring it smooth and hot)
Here come the butter baby
(Uh, bringing it smooth and hot)
Here come the butter baby
(I bring it smooth and hot)
What? What? What? What?
(Lil' Kim y'all what?)

Lil' Kim, Big Will give a damn how y'all feel
Hate, but on the real, Big Will is seven mill
If I wasn't on top I'd have a lot less ends
I'd most likely have a lot less friends
You know what I learned, let them keep talking
Uh-huh, pull up in an Azure and watch them keep walking

Kim haters be making me wanna flip and react

No-no-no, chill Will and let me do that (alright)
Huh, I gotta eat can't get with broke cats
You know the queen like to be where the money at
I'm the mother, y'all like adopted in this
Call us Mr. and Mrs. Papadapolis
When will y'all learn?
Y'all just interns
You gon' get what you earn, just wait your turn
I rock telephones with the TV screens
So I can have real phone sex
Know what I mean?

Here come the butter baby
(I bring it smooth and hot)
Here come the butter baby
(Bringing it smooth and hot)
Here come the butter baby
(Yo I bring it smooth and hot)
What? What? What? What?

It's the fun king, I've been doing one thing
Running things for years, give me one swing
And it's out of here, crack!
Over the fence ladies and gents
Keeping rappers impressed but depressed by my current events

Yes Lord!

Big Will swinging the best sword
What'cha flexing for, don't be testing me boy
Messing with me boy, you're stepping on the root of a daisy
I have you're girl saying

Will why you do that to my baby?
Yo Will, what they looking stupid in the face for?
What? I can't have rocks the size of a baseball
Trust me when I cop I make sure mine cut glass
Never spend my last, like a crack head for the blast
Y'all can kiss my ass acting like you know me
You ain't got a Rolley, take this one here you owe me
All in together now, wrists looking better now
Screw greyhound bound, I'm getting cheddar now

Burrrr! When she step up in the scene!
Who! Ice gleam, y'all scream, "Bow to the Queen!"
Ring on her finger mad phat
Leonardo DiCaprio saw it and caught a flashback
All you rappers wanna snap, Jazzy Jeff got my back
Lil' Kim bring it back, Lil' Kim press the rack

Yeah I'm short and sexy, my love's divine
My name is QB and I blow your mind with the
When I step up, body lookin' hot
All the music just stop


Writer(s): Len Ron Hanks, Willard C. Smith, Kim D. Jones, Lennie De Juan Bennett, Zane Gray
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