Testo della canzone Brand New Funk (Will Smith), tratta dall'album Greatest Hits '99 "Wild Wild West" Platinum Collection'99

Brand New Funk - Will Smith

[Fresh Prince] It's new, it's out of the ordinary
It's rather extrordinary,
So yo bust this commentary
A literary, genius, and a superior beat creator
Have come together, and we made a
Musical composition which we think is a remedy
To cure all the dance floors that's empty
You wanna dance? We got what you want
Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince bustin out with the brand new funk

-Get down brand new funk-hit it

It was kind of an accident, the way that it happened
One day I was rappin, and on the beat, J
Eff was backin me up
And all of a sudden, he brought in a cut And I dropped my microphone and said, What the...?
Hold up, Jeff, wait a minute, play it
He just smiled and said, Yeah def ain't it?
It was {funky} it made wanna {get, get down!}
And we knew almost at once it was the {brand new funk}
So we continued to listen to it
And we knew it was def when I started rappin to it
So I gave a hi-five to Jeff and without hesitation popped in my cassette
I took it home that night, and analyzed it
Rewound the tape over and over, and memorized it
That Friday, we went to the club And out and out cold tore it up!
You shoulda seen the people dancin and shakin and movin
And jumpin and spinnin and clappin, while the beatboxin was
Groovin and screamin and yellin while on the microphone I was flowin
Fresh rhymes I was showin, the people say, Yo keep goin So
I continued to rock, while Jeff was on the beatbox
Special assistance from my homeboy Ready Rock
People barged just to get up front to get a bird's eye view of
What we call the brand new funk
Ge-Ge-Get down-hit it

Yo Jeff! {Rock the beat} Yo Jeff! {Rock the beat} Yo Jeff! {Rock the beat} * Jazzy Jeff cuts and scratches *
Yo Jeff! {Rock the beat} Yo Jeff! {Rock the beat}
Yo Jeff! {Rock the beat with your hands.}

Jazzy Jeff cuts and scratches * Now get funky with the beat!
Jeff starts spinning backwards * Now turn it all around!
The most original, amazing, astounding, miraculous
Remarkable, startling, sensational, stupendous music
That has ever been created is ours - but believe me it was complicated
But we have done it, so now we can breathe a long awaited sigh of relief
This isn't a publicity stunt It's the raw untouched, pure, hard brand new funk!

{Rock the beat} {Rock the beat} {Rock the beat} {Rock the beat}
{Rock the beat} {Rock the beat} *
Jazzy Jeff cuts and scratches * {Rock the beat with your hands.}
{Rock the beat} {Rock the beat} {Rock the beat} {Rock the beat} {Rock the beat} {Rock the beat} *
Jazzy Jeff cuts and scratches * {Rock the beat with your hands.}

Writer(s): Smith Willard C, Townes Jeffrey, Abdullah Sigidi Bashir, Clayton Harold Lee, Ridgell Bradley
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