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Testo della canzone Fine (Will Butler), tratta dall'album Generations

Fine - Will Butler

George Washington and
All his slaves, they were
Hangin' outside, down by
Tom Sawyer's cave, when
Henry exclaimed, "George, sometimes
You can be kind of a dick!"
And George put down his pipe
And he picked up his whip, he said:

"Fine, fine, fine
It's fine, you've got me this time
I am yours, but
You'll always be mine
Together, 'til the end of time"

I was born rich
Three-quarters protestant
Connections at Harvard, and a
Wonderful work ethic, but
When you walk on by
On the cobblestones
With your high-heeled shoes
And your face in your phone
And your glass of wine
And your beautiful friends
I just hope and pray
That the world will end

Oh, if God was a douchebag
On the thirty-third floor
Smokin' fake cigarettes
In a bathroom with a transparent door
Could I fall on my knees?
Could I say "Hallelu-"?
Would he smile at me?
Could I turn to him and say:

"Fine, fine, fine
It's fine, you've got me this time
I am yours, but
You'll always be mine
Together, 'til the end of time"

George Washington and
All his friends, they were
Dyin' in the snow, they were
Prayin' for the end
When George, he turned to camera three
He was lookin' right at me
Said, "We're not dyin' for your love, son
We're dyin' to be free
And I know that freedom falters
When it's built with human hands
But here's the sword my friends have given me
And I've got no other plans"

I said, "George, I am sorry
I have treated you
Unlike my mother taught me
And in this distance
Where I live like a pharaoh, I can
Claim that my life is on
The straight and narrow
But I am grateful
That my great-great-great-great-grandfather
Fought in the fields
And escaped from the slaughter
And I am grateful
That my great-great-great-grandmother
Worked her own fields
And left them
To her daughters

And when my grandfather
Went out in the clubs, he was
Greeted with kindness, he was
Greeted with love, with his
Beautiful family, he could go
Wherever he pleased, find a
Pillow for his head, wipe the
Dust off his feet. If you
Write it all down, and you read real careful
I can tell that my life's more
Zantzinger that Carroll

When I was born
I was wrapped in a sheet, I was
Laid in a crib, and the
First time that I went to sleep, from the
Walls of the room, in that hospital so white, came the
Ghosts of my family, they were
Great forms of light

And some of them are bloody
And some of them are clean, and they
Lay their hands on my head, and they
Started to sing, they sang:

"Fine, fine, fine
It's fine, you've got me this time
I am yours, but
You'll always be mine
Together, 'til the end of time"

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