Testo della canzone Let's Get High (420) (Warren G feat. Travis Barker & Black Nicc), tratta dall'album The G Files

Let's Get High (420) - Warren G feat. Travis Barker & Black Nicc

Do you, wanna
Smoke with me tonight
I just wanna smoke
Let's get high, put it in the air
'Scuse me, may I have a match or light
I just wanna smoke, let's get high

I'm on cloud 9 smokin' on the good green
It aint' no secret now you can smell the reefer now
And I'm higher than a mutha fucker 365 I'm higher than a muthafucka
O.G, granddaddy what's the newest name?
Do Purple kush and indo still smoke the same?
Do you like it in a bong, paper or a blunt,
Cuz I get high on bongs paper and blunts
But not the flavored ones only like originals
Swisher sweet or backwoods, or I smoke originals
White papers zig zags for the chronic smoke
And if you can't grow, shit you just wait to smoke
Let's get high do you have a match or a lighter?
Newborn Cali weed boy and its fire
Strike a lighter lets get high put it in the air
Its 4: 20 everywhere with the chronic in the air

Do you wanna smoke with me
Do you wanna choke with me?
Do you got that indo smoke? well you could loke with me
Renew, revitalize, rejuvenate, accountability, stability, bomb tranquility,
You trippin' cause I'm usin' big words
Mixin' words verbs, pronouns and herbs
We heading back to the ghetto now
Just bought a Cadillac ey you got a 20 sac?
Let me get a couple what you do for 300?
Yeah I got some zig zags can you put some trees on it?
Hm, so I can get a piece of mind in this cold cold world that's hard to define
And uh it's a miracle but smoking weed is spiritual
We all need high learning so I keep the fire burning
Heeeey now you know, inhale exhale with my flow

So roll antother blunt
I killed my high tryin' go
Nigga played a smoka- a lot
So they call me broken stove
Since a tiny G I been off the reefer leaf
Choking off the sess weed
Now its kusha keef
That light green is some good green
But that dark is the creeper, ya boy know its reefer
Roll it in a zig zag fat like your finger
And be careful with it, ya boy blow ether
The marijuana will keep your eyes low
And make you lean in your seat, glide in your '64
Im so cool plus high in the '64, im old school
White paper wrapped around the smoke
I just wanna smoke
Somebody roll a blunt,
Somebody fill the bong, somebody roll a joint,
Strike a lighter lets get high put it in the air
It's 4: 20 everywhere with chronic in the air

Writer(s): Travis Barker, Christian Stalnecker, Writers Unknown
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