Testo della canzone This Is Dedicated to You (clean) (Warren G feat. LaToiya Williams), tratta dall'album This Is Dedicated to You

This Is Dedicated to You (clean) - Warren G feat. LaToiya Williams

[Warren Verse 1:]
Put it together from the start with the homie,
Couldn't picture ever having to part with the homie.
And even though you're still here in the flesh,
It's different on the West,
You're voice is truly missed.

The missing piece, I'm saying it ain't the same.
Never leave you alone praying for one more day.
Who'd these niggas come and get their hooks from,
When they needed their radio shit spun,
Nate Number One.

A true artist indeed, you made your own lane
All these albums we drop will never be the same.
Without your voice on em,
I'm thinkin that's the key,
Choked up, smoked out, riding to these melodies.
Reminiscing memories,
On my way to visit you in therapy,
Hoping God make it clear to me.
On what the plan is,
This dirty game is hella scandalous,
So this right here, is dedicated to Nate!

This is dedicated to you...
It's really something special
Making dreams come true.
Seems hard to figure out,
What this world is all about.
This is dedicated,
This is dedicated to you.

[Warren Verse 2:]
From the dope spots,
To popping on the charts.
Grinding in the beach,
To make it on the streets.
Touring overseas,
Submitting legacy,
Writing history
With every song you sing.

Uh Regulatin the era
Standing side by side, man we down for whatever.
Was the days of the past, now I'm looking to the future like,
I don't even want to do music.

But, I gotta keep it crackin,
It's a challenge when your homie's talent hanging in the balance and
Life is such a trip, I know the world is full of madness
Relearning learn how to walk and talk again, I can't imagine.
What that rehabilitation is like,
When the Doc said that you couldn't sing on the mic.
What the hell is going on,
He's been writing songs,
Hell No that ain't Nate Dogg.

[Hook: X3]
This is dedicated to you,
Really something special,
Making dreams come true.
Seems hard to figure out,
What this world is all about,
This is dedicated to you.
You, You, Oh You.

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