Testo della canzone This Is The Shack (Warren G feat. Dove Shack), tratta dall'album G Funk Era - Special Edition

This Is The Shack - Warren G feat. Dove Shack

"This Is The Shack"
(Feat. The Dove Shack)

Mr. President, hey, this is the G Child
Spacekateers, I'm back baby yes I'm back
And Mr. President you're not chillin in the house baby
You're not chillin in the house
Ya know why? huh? huh? Should I tell ya?
You know why? Yeah. cuz ya ya ya ya chillin in the shack beeyatch!

This is the shack, this is how we act
Caps I peel, flex my steel

Its ya muthafuckin third letter of ya alphabet
Put Knight at the individ
Its a nigga you can't get with
Funky styles, I be showin niggaz
I be blowin niggaz straight out they socks, because
The Dove Shack is comin more twisted than dredlocks
Now plot on the shack if you wanna
But if you get caught slipping
We will be dippin
Down your block
Just to street sweep your spot, nigga
But you can still follow along, grab ahold of my nut sack
Because I've got the doja
Oh I haven't told ya much love to my nigga Warren
He's a G, me, now I'm gettin funky
I'm chillin with my feet up on the table in the shack
With my revolver, problem solver
Waitin for a nigga to fuck with this
So I can let his ass know who he is

This is the shack, this is how we act
Caps I peel, flex my steel

Its the nigga 2 Scoops, the Long Beach Eastsider
Niggaz start to duck when I come cuz I'm a ridah
So I suggest you get the 411 on the shack
We peelin caps to the front, then we peel em back
Approachin the wrong way, with no delay I blast your ass
Draw for the gat but the Scoop is much faster
You can't miss me with that, step in my path
I let the AK ripper cut that ass in half
I dwells, I bells, in the LBC
The real menace to society
Packin up alrighty
A flow, but watch the one I used to abuse this track
We in front of that ass and you still can't see the shack
So pack up your gear and run and hide
(And pass the doja to the left hand side)
We comin like that, it ain't no love for no rat
I guess thats how we act when we chillin in the shack

This is the shack, this is how we act
Caps I peel, flex my steel

As you enter into the zone called the G Funk (now relax)
Here a lie a war with the west (Dove Shack)
Kicks it is a know em
Rip em will be torn
Dip it as we flip it
Wicked with the Warren G child
See styles, meanwhile freestyles have been rendered
I see the door of your mind, may I enter?
I knock and I promise I wont hurt you
The definition of G Funk is just something to like swerve
To something to smoke herb
To sunk we and we serve
Get with the dope herb
Take a tall kid beat the loccness
Lessons will be taught before caught in the shuffle
Flexin all the muscle, livin large is fuckin rustle
I'm Simmons, I'm Robin, like givin
I know you love this funky style
Out this world, make your head twirl
Hear the less, now play the squirrel as you earl on the track
Who am I Bo Roc from The Dove Shack

This is the shack, this is how we act
Caps I peel, flex my steel

Cuz you ain't in the house, cuz you's in the shack
Fire up the sack, this is how we act

Writer(s): Griffin Warren, Blount Arnez L, Brown Gary, Makonie Mark J E
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