Testo della canzone One Eye Kitten (remix) (Wale feat. Webbie, Problem, & Black Cobain), tratta dall'album The Gifted

One Eye Kitten (remix) - Wale feat. Webbie, Problem, & Black Cobain

Wild shit, wild shit
Huh, random shit, like my man say

Look, I was ridin' through wherever like my situation better
Bet they make amends when they see you makin' money
Romanelli custom, make it (buy it)
Haters (priceless), a hundred for the butters
I don't be with squares ('less I'm sittin' on my luggage)
See that's a little different, Damier was a cover
(Now won't you tell me somethin' 'bout the joint that you was thumpin'
Yeah Ralph you know the girl that always askin' 'bout some money)
Yeah, yeah, man cut that talk I ain't ever spendin' nothin'
But some gas and some mothafuckin' rubbers (man)
Check it on the dash, 120 out speedin'(shit)
You play phone tag a minute, was tryna see it
Told her we can be low, pinot and rollin' weed up
(Did you get her on cam?) No brag, but Tarantino
Now you know, so we know, told me I can keep it
(Well nigga, did you smash?) I smashed
(But did you eat it?)

Took her to the room make her bust it wide open
Killed that pussy, died with his eyes open
Killed that pussy, died with his eyes open
Killed that pussy, died with his eyes open
Man, took her to the room make her bust it wide open
Killed that pussy, died with his eyes open
Killed that pussy, died with his eyes open
Killed that pussy, died with his eyes open

Hol' up, (wait, chill let it marinate)
White girl with a booty call it carrot cake
Black girl with a booty call it double fudge
Brought my nigga along, we havin' double fun
Killed that pussy, died with his eyes open
Hopped out the pussy fly with my fly open
You hopped out the pussy fly with your fly open?
With her legs in the sky like the suicides open
Suicide doors, suicide whores
We all up at the crib (it's a quarter past four)
Chillin', (smokin'), drinkin'
Like Jay-Z off-key I'm singin'
OK I met this girl named Sara
Did she pull up in the Panamera?
Nah, that's another broad. Who? This another broad. Her?
(Little yellow tail, but I ain't hit it raw)

(Waddup bro?) Nothin' much Joe
(Tell me about the bri-noad you caught up at your last show)
She was playin' hin-ard to get it (I dig it)
(You sweat it?) A little, blame it all on the liquor
Shit I was so faded couldn't keep my eyes open (right)
Playin' eye to eye 'til she poke it out for me (right)
Forty-five later she was jumpin' all on me
It was on (If it's on, then put on for the homie)
Ok next time I got ya I just caught in the moment (bet)
When I bring friends in her friends will get focused (word)
Dogs will be dogs, shones will be shonin
Kitten call me then it die with eyes open

Writer(s): Olubowale Victor Akintimehin, Jason Martin, Christian Webster, Marcus Gloster, Unknown Composer
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