Testo della canzone Confessións, Pt. 2 (Remix) (Usher feat. Shyne, Twista & Kanye West), tratta dall'album My Boo / Confessións, Pt. 2

Confessións, Pt. 2 (Remix) - Usher feat. Shyne, Twista & Kanye West

Baby I know we said it's best we don't talk no more
But I got to get this off my chest about all the shit I've been hearing babe I
I thought you were that ride or die
You will never leave my side
I even made you out to be the woman that I will be with for life I took in
Your kids did everything that you wanted me too
Heard about frontin' on radio and the fuse
If you were gonna tell it then you told instead of making me the bad guy
If you got nothing good to say then don't say nothing
Cause if I really start talking it'll be something
So you cheated, I cheated
So be it
We need to leave it alone
Move on

Hold up
Hello, you got a collect call from Clinton Correctional Facility will you accept the charges?
Yes, I'll accept it, what's up?

Sittin' in my cell, head about to burst
Wouldn't be alive if I didn't shoot first
Had it made, sorry for the ricochet
But I'd be in the grave if I didn't let it spray
I never said that I was perfect
Nobody walking on this earth is
That night, I would've got murdered
If I ain't grab the ratchet and let them cowards have it

Uh, listen up, listen up, listen up, world
Listen up, listen up, listen up, world
Uh, I gotta confess
This is the hottest remix I ever did in my life
So So Def

[- Usher] (J.D.)
These are my confessions, just when I thought I said all I can say
My chick on the side said she got one on the way
These are my confessions, man I'm throwed and I don't know what to do
I guess I gotta give you part two of my confessions
If I'm gonna tell it then I gotta tell it all (all)
Damn near cried when I got that phone call (call)
I'm so throwed and I don't know what to do
But to give part two of my confessions

If you got something to confess to right now step to the mic, Twista!

I confess about the incident when I was with a shorty in the Lexus Coupe
Ya homie said she saw me but she didn't have proof
But I knew I really should've just been tellin' you the truth
And I confess about the days
I was rollin' my Seville with the custom gold grill
I was in the field still lookin' for a thrill
And I knew it was bogus I should've kept it real
And I confess that just when I thought I could really try to get away
Or have another woman on the side
But I never knew it would catch up wit' a nigga one day
You gotta hear me girl, I done learned a lesson
If you stay wit' me then it'll be a blessin'
No stressin', it'll never be no guessin'
Cause I'm pourin' out my heart and these are my confessions

Man, how did she bring it up? How did she break it down?
Man, you at the clinic? Dog, slow down that's your child
But if you keep it, then you gotta tell your girl you was cheatin'
And you went raw dog when you beat it
That's when she gon' tell you to beat it
You know it ain't y'all little secret, you famous you can't go nowhere
Cause everytime you go there, it's hoes there
So basically you and your girl over
I know when she broke the news you told her "Man, don't say that"
Matter fact like Pat don't say jack
Everytime a nigga sittin' on pay stacks
Things come up from way, way, way back

Po! That's the boy Shyne, y'all
The boy on his way home, man
The boy on his way home, man!

Writer(s): Jermaine Dupri, Jamaal Barrow, Usher Raymond, Kanye West, Carl Mitchell, Brian Michael
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