Testo della canzone Love Bang (Trey Trilla feat. Joyner Lucas), tratta dall'album Love Bang

Love Bang - Trey Trilla feat. Joyner Lucas

30 years ago my group the temptones broke up
But like they say you can't keep a good thing down
Ladies and gentlemen the new Temtones
Let's hear it for them

Uh, It's the youngin' with the bang bang
Keep the thang thang
Around cause I know that you plottin'
You be on the same thang
Might just go and f*ck up your track and blow up your train train
911 swarming your set if you think I'm playin' playin
Presidential Trilla lil' Trilla come join the campaign
Winner circle my n*gga come and feel the champ pain
Might drown your chick up in some champagne
Then dress her up while she b*tchin' now she can't complain
If you ain't ready already it's time to come get it
They be like you ready already I'm having fun with it
Just hold it steady keep steady they on the run with it
Competition crush them a lot sh*t I feel like pun livin'
Get it? But I'm a player and I crush a lot
Crushin' ain't no need for discussion sh*t I don't talk a lot
Sh*t all that talkin lil doggie what all the bark about
Tell me what you barking about
I kill him then I'm walking out
Now I'm walking a dead dog
In front of your house and you lift the blinds I'm thinking they saw
Now the saw me walk up to they drive way leave it in they car
I don't know what they thinking I gotta take they head off
I don't know what they got in their brain I gotta take it with me
Throw that shit right up in the bag and then I hit the city
Hit the city this what happens when the henny talk
I get head then sell it it's a penny for thoughts

When my love goes bang bang
Sweet thang thang
You better run from the bang bang

I'm not a rapper I'm a fuckin' poet
I'm a fuckin' omen
Take your mixtape then fuckin' throw it
I rather watch tv and bump the frozen
Or I should punch your nose in
Take this knife out and cut you open
You think I'm playin' I ain't fuckin' jokin'
What the fuck you smokin'
Probably some loosies and a couple roaches
Oh you mad you get left with no one
I skip the line in VIP and you still bumpin' shoulders
Got take advantage I'm half black but they think I'm Spanish
With a crossbow in a bronco. I'm Payton manning
Got a sega saturn I'm playin' spades and aim the Cannon
While I'm stand on stars spittin' on cars to break up planets
I think I made them panic
Pull out the deuce deuce
Got a new coupe
That I shoot through
A iszuzu
With a blue tooth
But I do do what I choose to wit I.
And I don't care what you talk about my nigga don't with.
Uh, Around me and don't surround me
(Shit ah ah ah)
Okay now nigga I'm on that I'm on
That shit but don't you play now nigga
The bang bang in your face now nigga
You know what's up look
And I'm positive I went to bishop house with radames
I drank a Capri sun look I got the juice now
I'm to proud to put my head down in a gang shoot out boo yow! nigga

When my love goes bang bang
Sweet thang thang
You better run from the bang bang

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