Testo della canzone Hold That (Tony Touch feat. Busta Rhymes, J.Doe, Reek Da Villain & Roc Marciano), tratta dall'album The Piece Maker 3: Return of the 50 MCs

Hold That - Tony Touch feat. Busta Rhymes, J.Doe, Reek Da Villain & Roc Marciano

Tony Touch! 50 MCs to show you what we gon do with this

My nigga Honch took the homie package and stole all the nigga loot
Savage Pop done made his cabbage swell up like a breadfruit
Money pissed on him somethin smellin fishy and halibut
Then we skated linked up with the bulls and boated back to farragut
Passengers just know what time when we approach an actress
Goodie scavenger, the way me muscle niggas for they shit and boogie
Back to the gate time to reup call the roster
Product jooks the package and thinkin like turkey kielbasa
These dummy niggas can't play and get in they smart loot
'Cause boot niggas'll come and shot yuh bloodclaat yute
Apparently when niggas don't know when to lay low
And end up in situations where they split your baked potato
Mu'fucker. Best is to kill us then crushin up niggas
Bounce and deliver this message you little messenger nigga
And they dig in yo' eye socket with heavy duty needles
Trust me nigga, You don't want no type of problem with them people

Listen lil' homie! It ain't smart the way you be walkin around these parks (Eh Eh!)
These niggas sautee livers and ground beef hearts (Uh huh)
To tell the truth I don't know what you 'gon do
Damn! But I'm hopin you get from 'round here ('Round here)
And use your better sense of judgment
You don't really want (Huh!) Yo you better fall back

Look! It's not a nigga that I might fear (No!)
My project gotta big buzz then light years (OH!)
Why these phony niggas hit me with the ice grill (Damn!)
Come here right quick, hit you with that icepick (Uh!)
If you know J. Doe you know I'm on that fly shit (Yep!)
Why I get my Louis dirty fightin for my side bitch (Damn!)
Uh! You better show me some respect (WOO!)
Bodybuilder flow I only came here to flex (WOO!)
Shinin on these hoes without a chain on my neck (WOO!)
You talkin crazy lil' homie put your brain on the tech
Or tech on your brain (On your brain)
Either way the endin still stay the same (Stay the same)
Yeah! Hey! I got alot and I'm still tryin to get more
Blow my candles out, now I can't think of what to wish for (DAMN!)
I remember back when I use to be piss poor
Anybody tryin to take shit from me I wrote this for

Uh! Take one for yourself two for your team
One in your face two in the spleen bruises and screams
Eight in the safe two in the jeans rugers and beams
If my dogs hungry I'm uba canuba the team
Nigga! I'm the wavy won that got the town spinnin
I be on the mound pitchin them curves for wild innings
Steel uranium to his cranium pound hit him
Temporarily left him with down syndrome
Look! I'm the avatar with the gat in palm mixed with Farrakhan
Spittin bow and arrow atom bombs out my catalog
Smooth chief keep the swagger on Kenny Lattimore
Stacy Lattisaw lookin light on the tag along
Strong Island they know that I'm the dope link (They know!)
I got that raw that'll make a giant nose shrink
I brought the aspens to the hood movin snow racks
I give it when it's owed back have it ready or hold that

Yeah! Uh! Check it! Yeah!
Chops, pops, gunners, gold five hundreds
Box cutters, stunners, Glocks, by the stomach
Wine colored bullets diamonds is like boogers (Ewww)
Forever hold the cooker and indulge the hookers
Cut hoes like butchers it's hard to overlook us
Can't book us, heart colders in bushes blowin kushes
Uh! With the thing low in the bushes, with pushes
My awesome lookers y'all some on lookers I was born with this
Four four long more like trenches
Nigga you light work, never been hard to lift
Move birds like partridges blow cartridges
Marks targeted no L.A. Dodger in this
I'm often where the margarine is marchin in
Fuck where the margin is I put a part in your wig
That's, larger than big then, a part of the crib
This, arm on kids like it's, part of my rib you dig


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