Testo della canzone Dimelo (Tony Touch), tratta dall'album The Piecemaker Ii

Dimelo - Tony Touch

Aroz con pollo
Cafe con leche
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Um, check)
Yeah, yeah, yeah (Yo)

Ain't nothin'
Changed but the weather, you can say whatever
Ask around, man, I been in this game forever
Cause I rep my peeps like Shay Guevera
And I bring it to geeks that claim they better
Known to rock a party
And drop a little jewel like Robert Marley
Original like Atari, I'm sorry
But dudes ain't messing with T, cause they hardly
Got they feet wet, me, I get respect
East, west, they be like, "He's fresh"
Prende lo
Y quitate tu par ponerme yo
I'm knockin' crews, out they shoes
O.G. holmes pay lots of dues
Stayed on my grind, making lots of moves
Now I'm buyin' out the bar in Barbalos[Crew] Que tu quieres, hun?
Que tu quieres, what?
Que tu quieres, ma?
Que tu quieres, hun?
[Tony Touch] Un palo
Un trago
Aqui, yo quiero un trago
Un palo
Un trago
Aqui, llego el caballo

Lo que me va a dar, que me lo den en vida
Mr. Capicu
With another heater
You know how we do
Straight mantequia
Up in your spot with the big drum beater
Ay bendito, live from New York City
Slash Puerto Rico
Fresh off a plane from London, he throw
Nothin' but that when I bust my free throw
You know what it is
And what's best of all, there's more to give
The rest of y'all better call it quits
Cause I tear the roof off at all the gigs (Say word)
Crazy bum, since 80, um
I do what I do, get the ladies strung
Make the track real raw when I lay the drums
Now give it up for the greatest one {*clapping*}

I be in the zone like Nina Simone (Tone Touch)
In the league of my own, so leave it alone
Never caught up, in the heat of the mom'
On the run, eating like N.O.R.E. or Capone
And I'm known
To hold my own weight
Like Kid Capri
Doing me in control of my own fate
And some of 'em gon' love it
Most is gon' hate
But I'm a keep shuttin' 'em down like all day
No foreplay, I go straight to the gut
Catch me on the road, tryin' to make me a buck
See, a lot of these rappers is fakin' the funk
So I handle my biz, now I'm breakin' em up
Your favorite-DJ's favorite DJ
Tape's on eBay, live from BK
He say, she say, mobo chinche
Don't do as we do, do as we say


Writer(s): Joseph A. Hernandez
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