Testo della canzone Lobster & Scrimp (Timbaland feat. Jay-Z), tratta dall'album Tim's Bio (International Version)

Lobster & Scrimp - Timbaland feat. Jay-Z

Yeah, Uh-Huh
Uh-Huh Uh-Huh Uh... Yo!
Yi-Yea, Yeah
Yo Timbaland, Wh-Where Missy At?
(Ha Ha, Right Here Dawg) Geyeah
Uh-Huh Uh-Huh Uh
Uh-Huh, Yaknahmean? (Yeah)
Lobster Shrimp Nigga, I'm A Pimp Nigga
Feel The Game That I Spit. Lobster Shrimp Nigga
Yeah, C'mon
From The Gutter To The Rich
From Holes In My Clothes To The Most Butter Shit
How's Life, What A Bitch
Now I Rock Ice For The Fuck Of It
Your Wife Love My Shit, Know Who You Fuckin With?
Jay-Hovah, 'Fore I Never Got No Play
Now These Bitches Wanna Give Me More Head Than Sade
(Say What?) Crisp In The 6 Withcha Bitch Parlayed
I Need Privacy I Pull Up The Back Shade
Initials On The Headrest, It's Official
Style So Sick I Need Bedrest, Nigga I Got Issues
(Say What?) I Hate Fake Bitches, "You Gotta Wait" Bitches
"I Don't Know You, I Don't Fuck On The First Date" Bitches
(Is That Right?) Hot Shot Niggaz, Talk To The Cop Niggaz
"Money, That's My Girl," Cock Block Niggaz
See You In The Club, And Scheme On Your Watch Niggaz
Talk A Lot Of Shit With, No Glock Niggaz
It's Jigga Baby, Let It Be Known
I'm The King, I Could Never Be Dethroned
Thank God
Uh-Huh, Yeah Yeah Yeah
Uh-Huh, Uh-Huh, Uh-Huh, Yo
Is You A Pimp Nigga? (Yes I'm A Pimp Nigga)
Well Spit The Game Nigga (Lobster And Shrimp Nigga)
Yo, Ain't Nuttin Changed Nigga, You Know The Name Jigga
And I Came To Put It Down For Y'all, What?
Call Me, Fitty Plus, Niggaz Envious
Drop Top, Jigga, Leave Em In The Dust
You Got A Lot Of Crew, Do Any Of Em Bust?
Hell No, Jigga Off The Hook, "Hello!"
They Call Me Poppy Seed, This Is Hot To Me
I Got This Lock And Key, I Got Cities Under Siege
When I'm In L.a. The Six-Four Is Ill
When I'm In The A-T-L It's The Coupe Deville
When I'm Down In Miami, I'm Hoppin Through
With The All Black Ninja With The Sock Over My Shoe
Mami Screamin, "Papi Chu', Who Keeps Stoppin You?"
And I'm Screamin, "Not A Cat, Money Holla Back"
It Ain't Nothin But Beginners, And Y'all In The Game
But Y'all Can't Ball Like Chicago Centers
This Is It Niggaz, Get Your Grip Niggaz
It's About To Get Hot Mami, Who You Wit? "Jigga!"
Well Spit The Game Nigga (Lobster And Shrimp Nigga)
Ain't Nuttin Changed Nigga, You Know The Name Jigga
And I Came To Put It Down For Y'all
Is You A Pimp Nigga? (Yes I'm A Pimp Nigga)
Well Spit The Game Nigga (Lobster And Shrimp Nigga)
Ain't Nuttin Changed Nigga, You Know The Name Jigga
And I Came To Put It Down For Y'all
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Hear Timbo' On The Cb, Need Some Info
Your Chick Is With You Dawg?
] Gotta Be, 10-4
I'm In The 5-Speed Now So I Shift To Fo'
] Mash My Foot On The Gas Til It Hit The Floor
] Tires Left Skid Marks, Whoa
] Shit's About To Start
] How We Got There?
] Snatched The Case Of Crist' Up Out The Car
Can You Stand The Rain Cause It's Pourin Now
] I Hope She Likes Porno Flicks Cause She Starrin Now!
] If The Answer Is No, She Speakin Foreign Now
] Just Let A Brotha Know, I Turn My Car Around
] Freak Or Freeze, If The Answer Really Is No
Girl I Leave So Fast You Can Speak To My Breeze
She Said, "You're Stressin Me Now,"
Said, "No No No," Then, "Yea Yea Yea" Like She Destiny's Child
] We About To Cook
] With No Recipe Now -- To The Mornin, Then
] Let's Be Out!
Repeat 1
Repeat 1
That's How We Do It Y'all
Timbaland, Jay-Z
Two Pimps
Two Pimps
Two Pimps Baby
Put It Down
Don't You Like That?
We Like To Do It Like That
We Like To Ride These Tracks
Uhh, You Don't Think We Two Pimps?
Huh, Holla Back
You Know What? Tell You Somethin Like This
With The Ferraris And Jaguars, Switchin Four Lanes
Ha Ha, Money Ain't A Thang
Ha Ha, I Got No Thangs You Know What I'm Sayin?
You Know Why? Cause I'm A Pimp
And Jay-Z? He's The Pimper You Know What I'm Sayin?
That's How We Do It Right Here In The Nine-Eight
So We Gotta Be Out Let It Ride Like This

Writer(s): Mosley, Cortez
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