Testo della canzone Tomorrow In The Bottle (Featuring Chad Kroeger & Sebastian) (Timbaland feat. Chad Kroeger & Sebastian), tratta dall'album Shock Value II (Japan Deluxe Version)

Tomorrow In The Bottle (Featuring Chad Kroeger & Sebastian) - Timbaland feat. Chad Kroeger & Sebastian

All I wanna do is, all I wanna do is, make up
All I wanna do is, make up
Put the, put the past behind us
All I wanna do is, all I wanna do is
All I wanna do is, make up
Put the, put the past behind us

Broken promises, broken wedding vows
If God is lookin down, hopin that he crack a smile (crack a smile)
How can I support a child?
Last time I had a job, it's been a while
The question that remains so freely
Why does that that happen to me? (To me)
To wash away the pain I'm drinkin
I'm thinkin

I'm waitin for the day, that
Together we can find another way, back
With everything we've got at stake
Let's worry about today and put tomorrow in a bottle
If there's some way that we can take, back
The wrong that we've created we can change, that
Don't turn yo' head the other way
You're gonna save today, put tomorrow in a bottle
Let's put tomorrow in a bottle

Pack it up, seal it up, close the deal (the deal)

Girl you ain't right, I apologize
Won't be satisfied 'til what we had was gone away
Hey hey, every other day we fuss and fight
Hey, hey, and I tell you two wrongs don't make a right
You had my head gone, I did you dead wrong
Singin that same old song, wonderin why you mad at me? (At me)
Now you understand my lingo, we still gon' be people
Baby this is how it should be (ay!)
Are you gonna be like that?
You was supposed to have my back (back back back back)
Now we both don't know how to act
Once I leave out the door nothin will bring me back

Pack it up, seal it up, close the deal (the deal)
Said I never thought that all that the love we had would go away
Now there's nothin left that you can say, say-ayyy
Yes today, shit gon' be the same
Because I'm backed against the wall
Now the conclusion to the story is the same

I was your bread and butter, like girl I put you on
Now that I want that lovin back, why's the relationship so gone?
Like we established the fact, that you was wrong from the get
How am I 'sposed to fly in my ex, from Tallahasee and back
When a girl is scared of heights, Sanchez on top you seen them Jets
Why fuck her in the back when the first class got the latest snacks
People can blame my past, People can kiss my ass
I'm at a loss for words, Chad gonna sing the rest

Pack it up, seal it up, close the deal (the deal)

All I wanna do is, make up
Put the, put the past behind us
All I wanna do is, make up
Put the, put the past behind us

Writer(s): Timothy Mosley, Timothy Clayton, Chad Kroeger, James David Washington, Brandon Deener, Leslie Jerome Harmon, Garland Waverly Mosley
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