Testo della canzone Bartholomew Cubbins - Commentary (Thirty Seconds To Mars), tratta dall'album Commentary Album (Explicit)

Bartholomew Cubbins - Commentary - Thirty Seconds To Mars

Bartholomew Cubbins is the mastermind
He is the, uh, the nom, not really nom de plume
But nom de bert, I guess
Uhm, he you know, was this and is this character
That was invented so I had the chance to disappear
And work anonymously

It was kind of a simple thing
I mean, it's contunued really out of a sense of fun
And, uh, you know, I feel sort of guilty
If I think about kicking him out of a job or something
That's bizarre taking credit
I don't know what's that all about, yeah
'Cause I've done in other places people don't know about
Or put other names, uh

Uh, and give them credit for positions of importance
Uhm, but making these short films has been
Become a really important part of what we do
There's an expectation now
That along with a new album, comes a new song
Comes a new Bartholomew Cubbins film

Maybe in the future I'll start a Bartholomew Cubbins film
Directed by Jared Leto
'Cause I always picture him off as, he's like he's smoking crack
In the streets of Amsterdam
Uhm, uh, you know, just barely able to keep it together
But, uh, and is a complete prick, you know
Uh, I'd love to see him do an interview
Someone got me to do an interview
Someone got Bartholomew to do an interview recently

It could be funny
Uh, but it's kind of funny because his Twitter account is pretty ruthless
People will tweet @BartholomewCubbins or @Bartcubbins
And say, "Hey, I love your work"
And he basically just says, "Fuck off, cunt"
You know, that sort of thing you know
Just thinking crank whistle, whenever he says

So, anyway on and on about Bartholomew Cubbins
He actually has another project called "Creeps"
Which are these crazy characters, these aliens
That I think he has adopted and he sells

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