Testo della canzone Stir Crazy (The Madd Rapper feat. 50 Cent), tratta dall'album Tell Em Why U Madd

Stir Crazy - The Madd Rapper feat. 50 Cent

Featuring Eminem
(Uhh, hell yea man, hm, oh fuck yeah
When I'm not at home, beating my shit to death
I'm listening to the Madd Rapper's album
This is Ken Kaniff, and i'm still mad as hell... fuck you)

I'm crazy with this razor with this razor I'm crazy
With this crazor I'm razy, razor crazed I'm crazy!
(Ok I'm unloaded!) GO BEAT JAY Z!
(Tell them I'm the ghostwrite form) ON DRE"S BEAT!
Ran in the ladies room naked in a blanket
At the banquet and started to spank it
Came in the bank with a tank, fired a blank
At the clerk & handcuffed her ankles at the
Safe and thanked her, but i didn't take nothin
Every bullet came from the same gun
Just from different angles, 'cause i was pickin strange places to aim from
(MR: man, i bet you 50 bucks you won't jump out the window shady)
Pay me

(Madd Rapper)
Psych, no way fucked up in the head
Shot my girl and my sister 'cause i cought 'um in bed
I'm a crazy mothafucka might shoot me a fed
Or i just might start a fist fight instead
See as far as the dough go
I go loco, see me pumpin gas at your local saloco
Stuck off the hydro mixed with cocoa
Jump turn signs, then run from po po

Chorus 2x
Life stinks, we don't give a fuck son, we crazy
Tear up the clubs and do drugs, we crazy
Fuck wild ho's a bust slugs, we crazy
Madd rapper is crazy, slim shady is CRAZY!

(Madd rapper)
Yo yo, i wish id been aborted
My pockets got a shortage
Everything i want to floss i can't afford it
I'm tryin to sell a? my pops tryin to snort it
My daughter's babysitter is about to be deported
I'm mad 'cause i still stand in line for clubs
Mad 'cause my rottweiler still shits on the rugs (GOD DAMNIT SPIKE!)
Feelin kinda crazy now, i just might flip out
Slim shady gave me shroomz and i might trip out, like...
Fuck that slim keep that for yourself
You a crazy white dude and you need some help

I got a beautiful wife, kids and a gorgeous home
What would make jump in the tub with a cordless phone
I'm straight viscious i hit you with plates & dishes
Leave you 8 stitches, what I'm gay 'cause i hate bitches?
Slut, don't be nice to me, I've had it with girls
And id still be mad at the world, even if it apoligized to me
You're hearin the last thoughts of a man about to blow his fuckin brains out
Fall back with a blood stained blouse on top of his spouse
Spread out on a blood stained couch
In front of his kids that he just killed in the same house
I'm sicker than Boy George picturin Michael Jackson
In a little boys drawer shoppin at toy stores
Shady said it shady mean it
I stayed admitted, ill throw a stroller at you, with a baby in it
Go ahead pull the plug, think i won't smack you
I just dropped a fuckin pill mom, don't vaccuum!

Chorus 2x

Writer(s): Kanye West, Marshall Mathers, Deric Angelettie, Margo Guryan, Kenny Hodge, Ardis Mack
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