Testo della canzone The Portal (The Lost & Found), tratta dall'album Alternate Ending

The Portal - The Lost & Found

This story opens up with the lost and found;
Boogey and PayBac, running with an elaborately decorated box
Looks like something one might keep
Something exquisite, like say a moon bird
They are being chased by some henchmen, led by industry guy
We know this because, it says "industry guy" boldly on his t-shirt
That, and we also overheard it while Boogey and
PayBac were having a conversation in their green Mercedes Benz
Look they are talking again...
Boogey opens up the box,
A beautiful, heavenly light shines from the box
If you listen closely, you will hear a choir,
Accompanied by an organ, and harps playing in the background
He puts his hand in the box, and immediately the car disappears
In true Hollywood fashion,
The chasers finally get to the point of the disappearance
Since I am the story's narrator,
I can cut away to where the car teleported to
(That guys really should be nicer to
Narrators, that would do them a whole load of good)
And we find the car on top of Mount Everest
We cut to a living room (Narrator powers)
There's no need, to bother on how we got here
The box is in the middle
There are five people sittin' around it
Boogey, PayBac, CHx, Sizzle pro, and black intelligence
Sizzle speaks:
Everybody looks at each other
PayBac gets up and walks to the
Kitchen to get something to feed the bird with
Soon as the bird is feed, it starts to glow
The whole room is suddenly filled with such bright light
And in an instant, they all appear in front of a huge tree
The biggest tree you ever did seen
This tree, has a door between its roots
On the door in the tree, there's an inscription:
"Come through and become, step inside as the greatest"
And they all walked through the door
None of them looking back
But if you're like me, and lingered just a little bit
Five minutes to be exact
You would have noticed "industry man" right behind them
Stepping through the door, or be it slowly
A sketchy looking copy of the moon bird in hand

Writer(s): The Lost & Found
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