Testo della canzone Implode (The Lost & Found), tratta dall'album Alternate Ending

Implode - The Lost & Found

You are about to enter an alternate reality
Everything you have previously experienced is void
Everything you have ever wanted and imagined
Has already happened
We are The Lost and Found

I am like super story times
Son of a gun like Cory Gunz
This here shit is not for fun
Know they hope I don't respond
I'm like Moses with a rod
Split her legs open and go
Through the stream to talk to God
I'm a spartan and a martian
Leonidas in a spaceship
I give upper cuts if you niggas want a face lift

I can never stop in P. Diddy in the matrix
I sip virgin blood I don't even need to chase it
Hey mama I hate rappers, hey makarena
You know pay proper no payola but still they play him
I'm a Yale scholar, a great author when drums is playing
Harlem shake off, the shaytans they been forsaken
I'm a case study for great promise that's come awaken
Love to take a small taste of your cake and then I just save it
Now eat you cake and have it, I make sure laws is all breaking
All hail Satan, across the board, get your pawn taken

Stick my neck out for everybody who stuck with me
Knowing that I was in danger of losing and giving up the dream
And lucky me, after album seven, texting what's up diddy?
As all the girls wanna suck pee-pee, but I only wanna fuck Riri
Industry cut me deep, you're in luck to see my recovery
I stay making bread as my enemies die of the oven heat
I come in peace, but I come with pieces of those who fucked with me
And spread 'em out for all to see on the altar exalting me
As I alter reality, my reality alters me
Alternating between good and evil, an evil cult of people

See me summon something sinister slithering
Call the beast who implicated Adam, saying it wasn't the fault of Eve
Universe where it's boom bap over afro and alte beats
Some are summer bangers but later fall like some autumn leaves
Got boos from the crowd, wondered when my party would start
When it's time, If your name's on the list, I go as Arya Stark

And I'm back stroking in a pool of sharks
And a black hole in the middle of my heart
And I show up, then I steal the show
And it don't matter if you playing your part

I'm the plug if you wanna stay in charge
Lights out when I write out your name in
A death note, even if you say you're God
Lightenin' strike you and your A&R

Hate on me nigga, que sera
Change the game and I raised the bar
My blade is sharp and the rage is carnage
I tell your fam take heart when I take your heart
Made a mark with a marksman intensity
Y'all couldn't get to me, best when I'm besting the odds
Drive carefully, I need a vasectomy, especially
Get off my testis please

Can't keep, soning these rappers
I'm aboard a motor board
Water board one the broad of one of you actors

Rub me the wrong way I tell 'em it will never be a happy ending
All this conviction but I never been apprehended
Nothing gonna blow unless you get your whistle for sports
Shoot and your missile absorbed and back we send it
Anybody looking for my pity gonna die
Muthafuckas didn't wanna see me on the rise, nah

Can't bother bout limits, ceiling in the sky
Say I'm the illest, need no reply
Finna take your soul, piece of the pie
Fountain of youth, need the supply
I'ma live forever, need me the die
Alternate ending, need you to rewind
Niggas can't see me, easy to find

I be in the sky like a beacon, I shine
For the people to speak to and seek the divine
If they weak and they praying and weeping
I try to be there to defeat every evil
And even the evil in my mind
Never mind, I'm proof of evolution from a reading mind
To mind reader alien landing the rap emissary saying
"Welcome, let me take you to my leaders"
Minds lost and found, the law says if you find 'em, keep 'em
I've been seeking

Need to find Jesus, it's a marathon not a sprint
If you tryna keep up, I'm a paradox like the box
That Schrödinger sleep in Charlie hit the switch
I got the safe, and it's time to beam up

Alright, alright guys that's enough rapping for one day
Thank you

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