Testo della canzone Hard II Kill (The Lost & Found feat. Mon Lee), tratta dall'album Alternate Ending

Hard II Kill - The Lost & Found feat. Mon Lee

Zoom in Lens focused on the broken glass
Investigator saying broke people broke in last night
He didn't say broke, i just wanna think they were
Plus the cctv shows the kind of shit they wear
Zoom out, I count twelve of 'em
I wish was at home, man I got some shells for 'em I thought about it
The automatic hit 'em and the scene is sort of graphic
Shots loud, crying in the back like distorted adlibs
Now nobody knew about the blindspots
And nobody can explain all the crying
And what happened when the crying stopped
And nobody knows it's 12 people ready for a pine box
Who tampered with footage and who knows why the time stops
He wonders if I'm lying and why I'm so fucking laid back
The video has got too many glitches and delay gaps
Combat training since the day that we
Found the moonbird, knew this day would come
Shit, I forgot to check on PayBac

Don't nobody mess with me
Bullets ricochet off my chest and arrows turn to breeze
Please please
Don't mess with me
'Cus I'm hard to kill

Niggas tryna stick me for my paper
And pray for my downfall
I understand it all
Took a small vacation
Up in the Himalayas
And then I got a call
Said the writing on the wall
Buzz me later
I scratched my head
That was a red dot and it missed
But I almost slept and fell right to my death
Already mornin' so I left
Got on a rented private jet
I'll be right back home in a sec
You never guess what I seen next
Pilot with pistol on my neck
I put an elbow through his face and threw a punch through his chest
Got that one parachute
Sky dive out the roof
Landed in Ore forest and got picked up in a coup
Now it's swoop swoop
With my main man from way back
Knew me before PayBac
New me couldn't change that
Drove me out to his friends crib
Locked me up inside one room
How I escaped can't say man
I was kicking that Kung Fu

Don't nobody mess with me
Bullets ricochet off my chest and arrows turn to breeze
Please please
Don't mess with me
'Cus I'm hard to kill

Oh oh
You can't be serious
Nah I think you completely deleirious
Swords against war tanks
Nigga what you thinking
I don't want none of that chemical x you drinking
The God's must be laughing at you right now
I'm the only Optimus in my town
I'm so hard to kill
Now in coming for you
I'm coming
I'm coming for you

My nigga trust is a myth
If you were up on a cliff
And you slipped
And you were hanging,
They would let you fall and be thinking of fucking your miss
Let's get the strap and get your main
Man, plus every other sucker you missed
They'll get the slug when I'm pissed

Launch an assault on all the ones that's always starting some shit
Can't take my precious
If Sidibe in a pawn shop with the Lord of the rings
I think it's time to show how dark it can get
I'm leaving carcasses on carpets for they mom's as a gift

Don't nobody mess with me
Bullets ricochet off my chest and arrows turn to breeze
Now I'm comin' for you
I'm comin'for you
Now I'm comin' for you

The bird is locked up in safe house and we keeping the code a secret
Even if they catch me and scratch off my skin,
I'm not supposed to speak of
The location, they wish they could approach
And poach the beak and it will be sold in weeks
Pluck the feathers for magic,
It can turn any fabric to a golden fleece
I'm reloading and offloading and 5 of em can go to sleep
Pieces flying, and they wanna hold a peace talk when they see how I
Hold a piece like I'm Neo
That's what you get for attacking the rey in his castillo
Eyes see through the peep hole
Five Jeep's full of people
Got the mansion surrounded
My heart is pounding
I got a finger on pistol
Shoot the glass out the window
Penetrating the flesh of the ones that wishing me evil
Boogey went down the tunnel with the safe
I'm gonna blow up the whole place
I'm 'bouta send the whole squad to hells gates
Still got that C4 from the last song from the last tape
Made it go boom
Our location man I can't say

So hard to kill
Now I'm comin' for you
I'm comin'
I'm comin' for you

Writer(s): The Lost, Found
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