Testo della canzone Memories (The Lost & Found feat. Lyn), tratta dall'album Alternate Ending

Memories - The Lost & Found feat. Lyn

I been having amnesia lately

Feel like something wrong with my mind and I need ya lady
I forget all the times that I cried and you dissed me baby
Saying he won't make it
My mind can't repeat the statement
Or the time that you said neither drive nor Jesus save me

Apologize I must be mistaken

I been having amnesia lately

I mean I know for a fact that you never ever cheated baby
But I get nightmares about the time that you left me
'Cause I ain't give you paper
Or the time that I seen you riding by

In a new Mercedes
And I tried to wave but you hide your face
Sorry baby my mind is crazy

I've been having amnesia lately
Do you remember a time
When you did me shady
When I told you take me back, and you wouldn't take me
In my theatre or mind
Replay replaying
Oh God
I been having amnesia lately
Think I'm running out my mind
Man my mind keep racing
Gave you my heart
Why my heart keep breaking
Oh God
I been having amnesia lately
Sweet Jesus save me
But I think I can remember
That harmattan in December
I was knocking at your house at you ain't let me to enter

And then I looked through the window
And you in there with a fella
You shot me right in the middle
And left me dead at the center, okay

You been having amnesia baby
Yeah you forgot all the times that I stayed
And you played all that games I'm amazed it's insane how you having amnesia lately
Jesus baby
All I can think of is love it's enough how you hurt me your fault that I closed all the curtains
But still let you burst in sometimes there's something baby
I miss you but you having amnesia maybe
'Cause now you rocking designers
It's fine guess I'm not in your mind put my ass on the line all that time
Fuck I'm fine Its a shame if I cry 'cause you having amnesia baby
Only a genius can love me it's fine 'cause I'm sia baby
See ya baby
You're in my head though you forgot what you said
You're in my head though you forgot what you said
I don't think I'm ready 'cause in my mind you been dead
I don't think I'm ready 'cause in my mind you been dead
No I won't take it steady you got a girl so I heard
You got a girl go ahead
I'll back in the back like it's doggie
I'm sorry it's fine tho you don't have to worry
I don't need your dime and I'm not in a hurry
It's time you stop sending chills up my spine
This time I'm letting you slide but not in my panties or dm it's fine
Won't let you hold me back
You better go with that
Hope I recorded that
Hope that you cool with that nigga

This time you're not in my mind
This time you're not in my mind
And without you I'm fine nigga

You broke me
You were right you broke me
It's been how many years now a nigga can't heal and I still maybe like you lowkey
I said like, yeah I might be done with all that other shit, that lover shit
That covenant is utter shit, I'm fucking sick of love songs
But I write 'em and hope that the memory fades
I'm trapped in the past, repeating mistakes, remembering days
When I hit it, you backed it up fast, deleting your face, and then I'll be saved
And then I'll be saved
Vivid, Voice, vibe, vocab, vulnerability
Remember, remember, my v for vendetta
I need to forget it
Was eating a sedative
Sleeping depressed
Now I'm a savage, I'm going ape shit with the women
I hear nothing beat in (beating) my chest
I'm heartless, I'm heartless, it was broken, now I'm heartless
And every time that I'm shooting my shot
I'm writing your name on the cartridge
I meet 'em, I own 'em, I'm hearing you moan as I bone 'em, then I cut the cartillage

Would you make a return?
Now that the music is making returns
And making me turn away from the good
Remember when I was waiting to earn
Making that good music, it made you concerned
Now you see my face on the news

In my heart I feel the rival
I knew when it's lovin', when it's a lier
Wonder if he logged out in my mind ya
Wonder if he's all put my mind ya
Ask me if we're cool, no we don't
Ask me if I love you, no I don't
Ask me when I'm up too little long
In your rival, when it's on you have to fight ya
Ask me if we're cool, no we don't
Ask me if I love you, no I don't
Ask me when I'm up too little long
In your rival, when it's on you have to fight ya

Writer(s): Omar Rafeeq Dickson, Victoria Nash
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