Testo della canzone Smoke It Away (The Game), tratta dall'album Black Wall Street (Volume 5)

Smoke It Away - The Game

Yah, it gunna roll
It gunna roll
Roll it roll it, light it light it
Roll it roll it, light it light it
Hey yo the smoke in my eyes
Loosed up from the high
Group session like Tyebo
Back with burning from the land when my niggers get depos-low
What a low niggers die slow
We star chains spot lights center stage rocking my show
Was a fan now she my hoe
Flycore clean is a car show all flow
Pay attention watch a star blow
I fall through straight to the hood where its still all good
Gimme a coda some grapes hand back that wood
No seeds just leaves in the bag I could
Wait would I read the rest to get back to my good state
Maybe you would hate the flow or make the nigger pay
Trying to figure out his next move should have stood safe
Out of the way of the hood way
Ripping other victims spit the venom good day
Only give him the good yay dope
Got a good taste step on it and let your partner fill it with his good space
I spit crack yeah that good bass
Superman handcock with a hoodcape
Hyperjuice the only mixer for that good chase
I'll be sipping that dog hard on any good day
Yeah dont give a fuck what did I should say
The molotolvs that I'm throwing at you should break
And trying to see if I'm burnt down something
Well light your blunt on the fire from the flames I'm puffing
Touch your Hutters&Jackson makes relaxing more relaxing
Counting and flicking ashes by the pool my real soul style
Look at the bastard living for my niggers who try but got captured
Hope money dreaming of owning they' own mantion
In stead its four walls looking at 'em
For you I will roll it roll it, light it light it
We will roll it roll it, light it light it
Roll it roll it, light it light it
We gunna roll it roll it, light it light it

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