Testo della canzone Circles (The Game feat. Q-Tip, Eric Bellinger & Sha Sha), tratta dall'album The Documentary 2 + 2.5

Circles - The Game feat. Q-Tip, Eric Bellinger & Sha Sha

I just want you to come home
No matter if it's late at night
(I hear you talking)
I know you saying you working
But baby boy this feeling ain't right
(I'm just out here tryna get my money you know that)
Fuck that we got enough houses, enough cars
You done bought me enough jewelry
Tired of your shit my nigga you hitting
(You know I be at the studio and shit)
Nigga you lying, who you trying to run that game on?
Who you think I am[?] I'm not one of these thots you met at Playhouse
(I didn't say that)
I just rode by nigga, you wasn't at Dre house
Parked my shit at Ye house and hopped in the uber
Jayceon stop lying you fucking think I'm stupid
Nah look ain't nobody say that
You ain't complain when I bought that Maybach
Put you in Chanel, your friend Chanelle can't even say that
You wanted to see Rihanna I put you and your friends at the concert
Closet full of Giuseppe[?] you came a long way from Converse
Took you out that concord[?], put you in that Tom Ford
All this arguing I ain't got no time for it
You call my phone like fifty times
Don't do no shit like that
I was just fucking them girls
I was gon' get right back
Spinning around, spinning around
Spinning around, spinning around
It's the same old, we be going through the same old
Spinning around, spinning around
Pulling them down, taking them down
It's the same old, niggas get tired of the same old
Nigga you strapping up?
Yeah I'm strapping up, shit you acting up?
Yeah I'm acting up, nigga
You not gon' keep on playing me
You not gon' keep on playing me
Is it gon' be this bitch or your family?
I'll kill that bitch whole family (I fucking hate you!)
What your crazy ass shooting in the house for?
What yo dumbass ruining the house for[?]And what time you get home anyway?
Shit, about four
And that's what the fuck you sleeping on the couch for
I don't give a fuck, thug life I'm an outlaw
And the next bitch ain't nothing but a house call
Scrolling through my iPhone looking for my sidechick
This bitch always flipping pushing buttons like a sidekick
That's when I hop in my Jeep and pull it out the toxic
And while you gone, guess what?
I'll be bouncing on that sidedick, nigga
I guess you thought they stopped making real niggas when they made you
I guess you thought they stopped making real niggas when they made you
I guess you thought they stopped making real niggas when they made you
Shit, they stop making them, they stop making them
Guess she thought they stopped making real bitches when they made you
Shit, there's a few in the room and a couple in the Wraith too
Now she's explaining to you
That she's the baddest bitch to ever grace to pair of shoes
And if you are unable to find better you lose
And all this loud chirping that you consider rude
But when food is on the table
We may be arguing like the Cain and we Abel
Then we have some makeup love and we get back stable
Have a little girl I cut the cord from her navel
I guess it's just the way it goes down
Love is like a merry go round
I guess it's just the way it goes down
Love is like a merry go round
It all goes to game

Writer(s): Bob James, Adam Fenton
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