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Testo della canzone In My 64 (The Game feat. Pharrell & Snoop Dogg), tratta dall'album All Star Game

In My 64 - The Game feat. Pharrell & Snoop Dogg

Game – In My 64 Lyrics
How do I create annotations?
When you see me in my 64
My niggas, we roll and bounce
You should see me in my 64
When I make the bitch pop

I'd rather be on the block
With my 64 - hop in
I ain't for the video bitches car-hopping
I am for the Cris and Patron: bottle poppin
So if get it popin roll it up and hop in
The Game shine: the opposite of stock rims
So when it's Game Time, bring that Maserati drop in
So I can shine, push the button, pull the top in
Drop the top, tell lil mama to drop in
I like my ice creams with toppings
But we ain't going to the candy shop - we call it shopping
Homie for real, got your girlfriend locked in
Even the ballers say: we call it baller blocking

Your feet are the wheels, your legs are hydraulics
Bounce that, dump that, show me that you got it
"La la la la la la la la la"
I said your feet are the wheels, your legs are hydraulics
Bounce that, dump that, show me that you got it
"La la la la la la la la la"

Rag back, Bose bass speakers, Kenwood amps
Vogues crawlin over train tracks
T.I. zip in the fo, yeah if you playing em back
It's the Doggy Doggy, yeah I got the game back
Hat to the back, spilling drink on my lap
Beating down your blunt, get my trunk vibrating
Tipping and lock, the switches is hot
You might see me tripping through Watts

First nigga to put a '64 on 22's
Still hop on 22's
The Breitling's so blinding, it's frightening
Take my hoodie off, you like a deer in the highbeams
But it's so exciting
Floyd Mayweather is boxing in my ring
Only available in your dreams
It feel good to be me, so to you I am morphine
Get the club poppin, get the pain droppin
Your girlfriend get me off: Jonnie Cochran
She did a great job so I took her shopping
With your Black Card

Writer(s): Andre Young, Mike Jones, Calvin Broadus, O'shea Jackson, Salih Williams, Bernard Freeman, Eric Wright
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