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Testo della canzone Pray (The Game feat. J. Cole & JMSN), tratta dall'album Jesus Piece

Pray - The Game feat. J. Cole & JMSN

She got on tights with the leather skin
She a rockstar, bring the heavy metal in
Girl shaped like a coke bottle, Medellin
In love wit' her, 'til she went and let the devil in

She pop pills like medicine
She prolly gon' die, it's startin' to be evident
I told her slow down, girl you heaven sent
I'm thug, but I got a Hart like Kev and them
And I can't let this girl throw her life away
Kick the dorm room in and told her put the knife away
Took her to the hospital like right away
She an angel with demons, the girl like night and day

She stressed out, parents gettin' divorced
Girl love 'em both, she ain't tryna sit in in court
She a sguare so it's hard to see the angle
And that's why God gave her a guardian angel
It's me, and I'm here for her
Swear to God that I'm here for her
Last nigga got her caught up in ther airport
She ain't have no pride so she went and did a year for him

She a ride or die like Eve and them
Make home cooked meals evry evening
Started strippin' on the side, now I'm tippin' on the side
Am I wrong for being the best that I can to her
Taking her son and tryna be a man to 'em
She don't wanna pray but I told her put her hands to it
I done came a long way from that tan Buick

Yeah, Grandmother would be proud of me
Almost got the devil all the way the fuck out of me
Remember Mama knockin' on the door handedly
Bought her a car and a crib even though she doubted me

We can live a day
(Even though she doubted me)
Thank the lord that we are safe
(Even though she doubted me)
Oh yeah, yeaf yeah
(Even though she doubted me)
That's why she should pray for me...
(That's my mama and I love her)
With my heart like I love you
If you strugglin', baby Daddy ain't takin' care
Of the kids, girl you can get a hug too

I'm here whenever you need me
Just reach out, it's that easy
I love women cause without women
Wouldn't none of us niggas would be breathin'

So let's pray, bow ya head, pray
Bow ya head, pray, bow ya head, pray
Bow ya head pray)

Good girl at heart, I remember you well, I remember you where
Got a husband and kid, but I flirt, hope you do a lil dirt
Cause I'm diggin' you still
That's real... But nah, you don't text back
And deep down, I respect that

Cause even though nigga wanna tap that shit
I don't wanna be the one to wreck that shit so
So I fall back, year go by I got more plaques
Just to get a call from you, tellin'me you miss me
And you wanna see me next time the tours back, damn
But what changed then?
She tellin' me a nigga had her caged in
Every time she think about me on the road
She be cryin', realizin' all the places that she ain't been

Well it's cool, I'll pick you up
Hold you down, lift you up
Then othet niggas tryna f-ck
I'm the only one who cut and still came back
So we f-ck, say what?
You ain't been home lately, you ain't heard that nigga?
Her man left cause she cheated on his ass
Found the pills in a bag and she burnt that nigga,
She burnt that nigga

Say what? she burnt that nigga, she burnt that nigga
Say what? she burnt that nigga
God, she burnt that nigga
He beat her ass in the crib, then he went and did a bid
All cause that bitch burnt that nigga

Now dog, that's real ass shit
That's word 'roud the Ville ass shit
Did you strap up? Did you strap up?
Please tell me that you strapped up, nigga we can kill that bitch

If you want to, I'm cool
I strapped up, played by the rules
Damn, while I'm sitting here blessed
She at the crib, all alone, and she stressed so nigga I pray...

Bow ya head, pray, bow ya head, pray
Bow ya head, pray, just bow ya head, pray
Bow ya head, pray, just bow ya head, pray, bow ya head
Pray, bow ya head...

When I wake up every day
I thank the Lord that we are safe, again
Yeah, tht's why you should pray for me

Oh when I wake up every day
I thank the Lord that we are safe, amen
Yeah, that's why you should pray for me

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