Testo della canzone Blood Diamonds (The Game), tratta dall'album Jesus Piece (Deluxe)

Blood Diamonds - The Game

Jacob sold me my first couple pieces
I was killing niggas who misunderstood what deceased is
Spent half a mill' on a Ferrari, I coulda leased it
Driving Scott Storch's Bugatti 'fore they released it

Drop The Documentary, rockin' khakis with creases
Dope and hip hop, it resurfaced with some leeches
Ten times platinum, now I'm chillin' where the beach is
Time to show the world what a motherfuckin' beast is

Blanca, bullet proof cars in Sri Lanka
Twelve years old, on his shoulder, a rocket launcher
Ten thousand miles away, there's an owner of a cornerstore
A white man walks in, spit shinin' his Audemars

While somewhere in Africa, Jo'burg and Congo is goin' to war
Rebels enslavin' they own people, diggin' water or
Get murdered 'cause that choppa is a carnivore
He found one and stole it, now the village tryna find that boy

Blood diamonds
Look at blood diamonds
Blood diamonds
Now take a look at blood diamonds
Blood diamonds
Look at blood diamonds
Blood diamonds
Now take a look at blood diamonds

How you sellin' the shit our people is diggin' for?
Diamonds, cotton, that belong to niggas though
LeBron and Durantula gave America a look at gold
And what you give us back, is another fucking liquor store

And we need blunts, so we walk in that motherfucker
Money in the safe, so we in that motherfucker
But you can't forget the tape, tryna pin a motherfucker
DA ain't got a case, I'ma win that motherfucker

And it ain't about the Chinese, dude, I eat Chinese food
Where you think Michael Jordan find these shoes?
We robbin' each other for 'em, think I should hide these jewels
Run up on you in broad day with them Siamese tools

But nah, Mandela did twenty-eight straight
Without a fucking complaint, put a afro on a saint
Put a wig on a judge, put a nigga in some chains
Over change, kill him, lethal injection inside his veins

Blood diamonds
Look at blood diamonds
Blood diamonds
Now take a look at blood diamonds

Brutus killed Ceasar (Ceasar) and Judas killed Jesus (Jesus)
John Wilkes Boothe killed Lincoln and you thought he freed slaves
What the fuck was you thinkin'? Nigga fuck Lincoln
I'm rolling up kush in my Lincoln, now let it sink in
Rolled against Obama, now you divin' in the deep end
I'd rather take my chances at this water fountain drinkin'

Where the fuck is the loyalty, knock these niggas fuckin' teeth in
In the hood singin' like they Aubrey or The Weeknd
Pull that towel from under that door, and let it seep in
There's a lot of shit I don't like, so bring Chief Keef in

I don't like these phony ass jewelers with their fake shit
Overcharging niggas an arm and leg just to make shit
And you wonder why we take shit, y'all put us on slaveships
That's the reason we hate shit, rob our own niggas for them

Blood diamonds
Look at blood diamonds
Blood diamonds
Now take a look at blood diamonds
Blood diamonds
Look at blood diamonds
Blood diamonds
Now take a look at blood diamonds

Writer(s): Jayceon Taylor, Larry Darnell Griffin, Samuel Jean, J. Rhodes, Stanley Bernard Benton, Justin Louis Rhodes, Gregory Van Fears
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