Testo della canzone I Love It (The Beatnuts), tratta dall'album A Musical Massacre

I Love It - The Beatnuts

(Female voice sings throughout song)
I love it (Ha, I know ya do)
I love it (I know ya do)
I love it

(Psycho Les)
You need to save all your bullshit threats and drama
For the news guy
Niggas need to act their age
And not their shoe size

Spittin' it raw
Spittin' til you slip on the floor
I make you girl not want you no more
You want war?

(Psycho Les)
Step to your label make 'em dish out all the cash in the place before
I hafta punch somebody's ass in the face

Yo, yo, the ugliest thug never runnin' out of money in clubs
Got the crib with the African rugs

(Psycho Les)
Baggin' hoes by the carload
They call me Mr. Charmo
Break into their crib and disconnect the Star Alarm-o

Yo, big fish eat little fish, you little bitch
You ticklish, I push niggas up like licorice

(Psycho Les)
You wanna be a big baller, but you travelin'
Talk about battlin', nigga stop babblin'

Yo, when the first body touches the ground
Alot of blood gushes around, my silencer crushes the sound
Jigged out patch your glazy suits, pimpin' hoes in daisy dukes
Beatnuts flip the most amazing loot

I love it

(Psycho Les)
What you love, losin' with a push and a shove
Who you think lent OJ the glove?

I love it

When we bang hardcore
Make you slam on the hard floor
And do a backspin on the cardboard

I love it

(Psycho Les)
Show me your love
Jump from 20 stories above so I can write my name in your blood

I love it

Why? Cause we own cribs, own whips and chrome rims
Bone skins with silicone tits
I love it (I know ya do, I know ya do)(Repeat 4x)

(Psycho Les)
You gettin' fidgety
Thinkin' of ways of gettin' rid of me
I scream on bitches like you
You ain't shit to me
I'll punch you while you talk on the phone
Walkin' alone
Park, even wait for you in front of your home
You should stop it
You can't even rhyme
Seen you front like a million times
Plus your knuckles ain't f**kin' with mine
Can't live without crossing the line
Busted my nine so money if you want it just follow the sign

Huh, it's the beat programmer
Flip a beat
I'll flippin' beat ya sweet old gramma

(Psycho Les)
I'm in it 400%
Anybody gettin' it bent
Get hit with a block of cement

Yo I stay high like a stewardess
F**kin' with this, it's ludicrous
I just boned your bitch
Now she makin' me tuna fish

(Psycho Les)
I whistle you a rhyme offbeat
Try to listen everytime I speak
Bite my meat

Oh, that was you?
Pickin' up the gold lobster
I thought you one for droppin' and poppin' the most caca

(Psycho Les)
Yo I spit it with the deli in ten
I don't really care who it offend
None of you niggas is payin' my rent

Yo I hope you talk and lots of green
If not, why you stoppin' me?
Pullin' my arm, like a slot machine

(Psycho Les)
Yo take the money and run
Ju stay on some cowboy shit
Give me some whiskey and a f**kin' gun

I love it (I know ya do, I know ya do) (Repeat 4x)

Writer(s): Fernandez Lester, Tineo Jerry R
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