Testo della canzone Give Me tha Ass (The Beatnuts), tratta dall'album Stone Crazy

Give Me tha Ass - The Beatnuts

Ha, say who's scientific, 3 C-F Mafia (that's my crew)

Yo, on the real homey, let me let you know about me
Cause ain't too many people who can talk about me
See frontin' ain't nothin', who they tryin' to jerk
Half of them niggas talkin' can't pay for the work
They in my pocket, this flow, they can't stop it
Shit, 20 bricks and a dream team to mop it
Who wanna knock it?
Get blown out the socket (Hey, who's gettin' money?)
Remains the topic
Stay true, somethings in it for you
I know you wanna get down, Martinies and Malibu
That's a dream, pay attention to the sceme
Follow the rules and we could all get cream

Baby if you give me the ass (baby if you give me the ass)
Maybe you might see some cash (maybe you might see some cash)
If you think I'm moving to fash (if you think I'm moving to fash)
We can lace this blunt with hash

Pyscho Les:
Where you from?
Q-Bourgh, harsh and rugged like ma bourgh
Beatnuts new joint (what?)
Give it to you radio style, so heads can groove
Gotta make this move in 9-7
Attack with the most hunger, got mouths to feed and we ain't gettin' no
No doubt, mix the Guinstout, with the Colt 40
Toastin' the majority, stay bent
With tobacco spilt on the pavement
Feelin' my beats from the basement, on this one cut
No killer shit (shhhhh)
That's why we hit you in the head with a joint you familiar with


Yo shortie rock we can wine and dine
But in time let me remind, eventually I plan to be
Somewhere behind you, mind you
Never the less here to refine you
Take you outta def and dumb and unblind you
No game shortie, don't laugh
It's all math, material things just don't last
So light this L and parlay with me
Cause tonight shortie rock you gonna stay with me

Pyscho Les:
Son this beat is mad hot, 100 degrees
Slide back the sun roof, catch a breeze
Let out the smoke from the trees, torch our beat
Surrounded by strink G's
As I count Ben-G's, I clocked off this track doin friendly
Kick it to this chick in spicey like Wendys
Tried to touch her tada, honey said "Ah-ah"
Turned down the Chewbacca, but I was like...

Hook (X2)

Give me the ass baby, give me the ass baby, can't live without the ass baby
Give me the ass baby, give me the ass, oh give me the ass, baby give me the
Oh give me the ass

Give it to him

Writer(s): Fernandez Lester, Rushen Patrice L, Tineo Jerry R, Washington Fred Douglas, Mcfaddin Terri
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