Testo della canzone Contact- featuring Marly Metal (The Beatnuts), tratta dall'album TAKE IT OR SQUEEZE IT

Contact- featuring Marly Metal - The Beatnuts

Beatnuts Word Up
Get hi hi high
We puff la la la la la la la la la
And we all just hi hi high
We puff la la la la la la la la la
Beatnuts get hi hi high

I caught shorty's eye at the bar
She had an ill shape she like a guitar
Light skin chick Dominican star
Offered her some drug in jar
20 minutes later I was getting stud in the car
Let's watch a little dirty tv, pop the ecstasy
Hide the little flash shorty selling ass for me
Smoke smoke when you're done I'mma poke poke
And I ain't gonna stop til you're little back broke broke
All the ladies shakin the ass
Got a la make me wanna take ass
You know the rules man take two and pass
Always rowdy rowdy since the day you met me
Especially off that leaky lead that Juju sent me

Grasshoppers catch contact
Then they be like
Can I get a hit?
Can I get a hit?

I puff la la la la la la la la la
I can't lie I get hi hi high say what

Aiyyo the avenues hot
So I'mma fly a couple days
Pack my bags walkman hit the fresh double As
Let's pick up a box of dutch masters so I can twist the bootays
Then a box of jim hats so when I stick a cutie
Aiyyo if this ain't the raw shit
Then what the fuck is
Why bitches wanna know where the function is
Why niggas always askin for production tips
Knowing damn well there ain't no touchin this
My break beats make me cut wind like baked beans
Catch me chillin pullin bitches on 8th street
That only want a platter of hot sex
We could get high so you can pop ex

I puff la la la la la la la la la
I can't lie I get hi hi high say what

In New York we smoke chocolate
Keep a loaded gun in the cockpit
And almost every night we on the block lit
Handlin the biz bagging the driz
Drinking beer between the buildings with the gremlin kids
Man I've seen a lot of things go wrong
Make me wonder how I be so strong
I got the heat to make the beef prolong
You know Ju ain't like the type to talk
Keep it movin if you like to walk

Sigue por alli

I puff la la la la la la la la la
I can't lie I get hi hi high say what

You all ready for this
Smoke it up smoke it up
Catch a contact real quick
Booty hoody

Writer(s): Fernandez Lester, Tineo Jerry R, Fernandez M
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