Testo della canzone Bless the M.I.C. (The Beatnuts), tratta dall'album Stone Crazy

Bless the M.I.C. - The Beatnuts

(Psycho Les) Drop it On 'Em x2
(Hook) Get on the mic and bless the M-I-C (eyo) x 3
Psycho Les
I'm a hit you up with an exclusive
Beatnut joint got you froze like gunpoint
Bitch niggas gettin drowsy droppin to they knees like prostis shout to my Queens posse
From Northern Boulevard straight up Junction my system got to be in full function to the max
Doin 90 relax down Roosevelt Heineken between the laps
But debt that issue times rip you like tissue and fold you up and wipe my ass wit you
GOOD? Make sure you understand. Understood? (muthafuckah)
Get on the mic and Bless the M.I.C (eyo)
Gab Gotcha
I hustle bangin jargon through ya
Jungle at a bargain I'm hydro sparkin jugglin babies down like Barnum
You clownin claim to grip a flow so tight
I humble pros who go thinkin it can't happen tonight
What better time than now?
Make you a distant memory my pedigree specialize in cheddar cheese I forever be the architect constantly to build my conglomerate construction with bricks to get us cribs and apartment
Wreck the parliament drugadelic the flashlight one nation under grooves on this beat nuff life so get the funk right
You the skunk type who spark greens I like Cambodian grown by the Vietnamese while gettin blown by a Phillipine queen who strip tease and seeing figures bleed like the final Godfather scenes
Now the faculties throughout the world'll know watch and take notice
Chief General Gab Gotcha
Tie em up quick light em up quick get the ends
Yo I never had too many friends
Money mens keep a low key
You gotta have the stash remotely
(Away from the family and coke) or get smoked provoke me
I never let the Chocolate choke me
I know what it mean to be broke B ya joking me?
That shit is over like those leather front pullovers them Gucci hats and them high rise Chevy Novas
Give me a chauffeur a twenty foot leather sofa (let me chill)
I feel the Feds getting closer
To toast a rhyme to hit where it supposed ta
Be till I D-I-E a Costra Nostra
What? Nigga.
Nigga What x 3

Writer(s): Fernandez Lester, Tineo Jerry R, Velasquez G.
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