Testo della canzone Check It Out Yall (Freestyle Rap) (The 2 Live Crew), tratta dall'album Stop-Playin

Check It Out Yall (Freestyle Rap) - The 2 Live Crew

Check it out ya'll, ch-ch-check it out ya'll
2-2 Live Crew, 2 li-2 li-2 li-2 Live Crew
Fresh-fresh-fresh Kid Ice, tre-tre-Treach Dee Jay
Bro-brother Marquis, bus-bust a rhyme

Extra, extra, hear all the bad news
About the wacky-wack MCs and the ones like you
Because I've done everything that you have tried
And I've been accepted where you've been denied

I'm the M A R, the Q U I S
Here to run down a rhyme at your request
I'm the New York born, who's sharp as a thorn
I came here tonight just to get it on

So listen up close and listen up well
'Cause the Brother Marquis has a story to tell
This is a story about an MC
Who got real brave and challenged me

He thought that he was bad, he thought he was tough
Until I, what, until I called his bluff
And as the battle began, his rhymes got weaker
You couldn't even hear his voice come out the speaker

And as he started to get ignored
The party people turned and walked off the floor
They did not applaud and they did not cheer
And homeboys just said, "Get the fuck outta here"

So as I cracked a smile and started to laugh
I could see the sucka duck muthafucka gettin' mad
He had a frown on his face, he was hotter than fire
He wasn't competition but just a little biter

So, as he turned and walked away
With his head to the ground and nothin' to say
'Cause he was busted, disgusted, and couldn't be trusted
He tried to battle me and found self-destruction

2 Live Crew, 2 li-2 li-2 Live Crew
Bus-bust a rhyme, bus-bust a rhyme
Bus-bust a rhyme, Fresh-fresh Kid Ice

I've been rhymin' and designin', and always tryin'
Our beats are always strong, and never dyin'
So step aside or get devoured

I won't say I'm sorry 'cause I don't want glory
Gonna stimulate this party, so don't you worry
Bustin' all fresh rhymes, don't need to diss
'Cause I'm known at parties as a catalyst

Gonna make you all dance, keep ya body in motion
'Cause anything I do, I get an ovation
The compliments I get never cease to end
'Cause I say what I want and I never bend

To any silly shit that you got to say
But to hear me rap, ya gotta pay
'Cause you heard it before and it ain't no lie
That 2 Live music will never die

Check it out ya'll, ch-ch-check it out ya'll, ch-ch-check it out ya'll
Check it out ya'll, ch-ch-check it out ya'll
2-2 Live Crew, 2 li-2 li-2 Live Crew
Bus-bust a rhyme, Bro-brother Marquis, Bro-brother Marquis
Bust a rhyme, bus-bust a rhyme

I met this girl named Kisha, the daughter of a preacher
I met her in school and we did it on the bleachers
The kids were in gym as I went for a swim
I rocked her so good until she wanted it again

That was jet-set, so soft and wet
Now Kisha's on my tip, and that you can bet
Until one day I got caught in the act
With my girl named Melissa from a few days back

Kisha done called me up and asked me to explain
She said I played with her heart like it was a game
She said, "Why?", I couldn't deny
She said, "Don't lie", then she started to cry
But Kisha was yearnin' to be de-virgined
She told her father, and he preached her a sermon

Ch-ch-check it out ya'll, ch-ch-check it out ya'll
Check it, check it out, check it, check it, check it out ya'll
Bus-bust a rhyme, Fre-fresh Kid Ice, bus-bust a rhyme

My name is Kid Ice, Gemini is my sign
From the time I started rappin', your title was mine
I started in the west, brought back to the east
Got about my man Luke who unleashed the beast

In me, for oh so long, I was put down
Forced by others to listen to their sound
'Til the time has come as I proclaim to you
All you sucka duck rappers, your era is through

You call yourselves kings, that is only a dream
You need style and ability to make a team
So ya better come hard, and come correct
'Cause every weak rhyme ya bring, I will reject

So go back home and learn to write
But don't come back 'til ya say it right
So while you're still there lookin' stupid in the face
Ya better get lost with ya pat-pat bass

Ch-ch-check it out ya'll, ch-ch-check it out ya'll
Check it-check it out, check it-check it out
Check it-check it-check it out-check it out
Check it-check it out ya'll

Tre-treach Dee Jay, check it out ya'll, Tre-treach Dee Jay
Check it-check it-check it out
Tre-treach Dee Jay, Tre-treach Dee Jay, Treach Dee Jay
Check it out-check it out ya'll

Aw yeah, aw yeah, aw yeah
Aw yeah, aw yeah, aw yeah, aw yeah

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