Testo della canzone Let's Play House (Tha Dogg Pound feat. Warren G & Michel'le), tratta dall'album Doggy Bag

Let's Play House - Tha Dogg Pound feat. Warren G & Michel'le

That's right...
Some of that shit you just can't fuck wit
Tha Dogg Pound flava
For the nine-fever
Know what I'm sayin'?
Michel'le in the house
That's right, set it off

Young Daz struck a match and the match went out
But it wasn't no more lights in the house, check it out
Speakin' of house let's play a game of it
Are ya wit it?
Hide and go get it, I betcha love it baby
I'll play the daddy and you can play the momma
So we can get down upon the living room floor
Are ya wit it?
I promise I won't kill it
Puddy-cat on a leash what should I do, should I kill it? Yesss

See back in the day when we used to play
You wanted to be with me (That's right!)
Now that is so right and natural
No other man that I can see
I'm singin' in my background
Diggin' up a hole for you to make your move
But no longer will I be told regroup

Let's play house...
Let's play house...
Let's play house...
Is that what you want me to do with you?
You play tha momma baby
I'll play the daddy
You can play the momma
And I'll play the daddy
Let's play house
You can play tha momma
And I'll be the daddy
And I'll be the daddy
That runs the house, straight up

I'm in the shack bout to blaze up a sack
Yeah we grown all alone posted up the back
There's no mistakin'
I can have the whole house shakin'
Young Daz in that ass baby doll no fakin'
Don't get me wrong
Tell me, what's the flavor of the song?
You know it's Daz in your drawers when ya momma ain't home
Ring the alarm, I got ya buzz, lovin' me
Phsyically and mentally I knew that it was never meant to be

I know you know this girl by tha name of Danielle
Body of a Goddess face from hell, but oh shhh
This wasn't the average trick (She got the bomb)
And she like gobblin' and swallowin'
A whole nine and a half on dat black ass
Groupie now all the hoocies wanna do me
From the past to the present (Say what?)
Let me rep and present
(Who dat?) The biggest nigga hittin all the hoes in your click
Fast as lightning runnin' through like the breeze
In the summertime out on the corners making G's
It's the thirst, but I can show somethin much worse
Than the thirst, if worse came to worse but first things first
Brenda, I can remember
How hot y'all be gettin', 87, 86, and, yeah
The year a young man grows
Some women become ladies
Some turn into hoes
Young hoes grown find a way to stay wit me
In the cut wit Kurupt come and play with me, yeah

If ya wanna be wit me
Stay wit me, play wit me
Come Kurupt, bring your stuff to me
My, sweet, baby

If ya wanna be wit me
Stay wit me, play wit me
Come Kurupt, bring your stuff to me
My, sweet, baby

If ya wanna be wit me
Stay wit me, play wit me
Come Kurupt, bring your stuff to me
My, sweet, baby

If ya wanna be wit me
Stay wit me, play wit me
Come Kurupt, bring your stuff to me
My, sweet, baby

If ya wanna be wit me
Stay wit me, play wit me

Writer(s): Ricardo Emmanuel Brown, Delmar Drew Arnaud, Nathaniel Hale, Ricardo Brown, Cynthia Elaine Calhoun, Calvin C Broadus, Michel'le
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