Testo della canzone It Ain't Me (T-Pain feat. Akon & T.I.), tratta dall'album THR33 RINGZ

It Ain't Me - T-Pain feat. Akon & T.I.

This is for all my cats man
Have you ever been in the club?
And have a chick kind of run up on you
And kind of tell you to buy her a drink, Home?
I mean,
It ain't what I can do
It what I will do
And attitude is everything; you know what I'm saying?
I mean,
A chick who asks for nothing to get everything?
A chick who ask for everything or get nothing?
Why don't you,
Talk to these motherfucking broke bitches for a minute, would you?

You may want a man with some consideration (Consideration)
Determination (Determination)
A little conversation (How you doing baby?)
And you might want a man who just ain't straight up nasty (Straight up nasty)
From Tallahassee (It's the 850)
You're far too classy (Far too classy)
So you might want a man who's got a job, (Job)
Cars, (Cars)
Pillows, (Pillows)
Girl that just ain't fooling me to you (No)
Do you, (No)
Think that I'm that easy Shawty?
It can't go that breezy Shawty
Find another dude cause it ain't me

Put you in a Range (Range)
Buy expensive things
It ain't me babe
It ain't me
No, it ain't me
No way
No how
It ain't me babe
It ain't me
No, it ain't me
Ice out all your fingers
Take you out and make you famous
It ain't me babe
It ain't me
No, it ain't me
No way
No how
It ain't me babe
It ain't me
No, it ain't me

I know you thought you had a sugar daddy
Plan to treat me like a her
Take my money cause I'm attractive
Then kick me off to the curb
Dine in fancy restaurants
Eating expensive h'ordeurves
I ain't gonna let you get it all like that
But I'ma beating it
Girl, that's my word
And if you wanna ride,
Then I just can't let it slide
If you plan to get me for all I got
You can start by spending the night
Otherwise I'ma see your head get small
Unless you're here to make the head get tall
If not, gon' get lost cause that ain't me (If not, gon' get lost cause that ain't me)

Shawty look so good so she think I should,
Throw dough to her like it ain't none to it
Get you whatever you like, I could
But all I'll be giving you tonight is this wood
To my heart, I'd do it
And your attitude just blew it
So rude that your mentalities,
Distorting your reality
The more you speak,
Make me think where I'd rather be
I don't care if you hiding me,
Cause I won't sponsor shopping sprees
It's lots of freaks that I could be,
Showing my generosity to,
Stop it please?
I ain't that guy
You ain't that fly
Got your head up your ass that's why,
All you ask for is all I deny
I do for you what I decide
And I can buy all kinds of things
Go places,
Spend all kinds of dough
My kindness is no blindness though
T-Pain where'd you find this hoe?
I know what you want me to do

Writer(s): Aliaune Thiam, Faheem Najm, Frank Romano, David Balfour, Clifford Joseph Harris
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