Testo della canzone Oh Yeah (T.I. feat. Pharrell Williams), tratta dall'album Paperwork

Oh Yeah - T.I. feat. Pharrell Williams

And nigga P said he wanted inspiration
(Damn P)
I was really more on some "fuck the word" shit so let's see
(Fuck these niggas man, real talk)
I'm a man of respect, man of the people
I stand up to God, to the man of no equal
Man of respect, man of the people
I stand up to God, to the man of no equal
Ain't no breaking me down, bitch I'm breaking the banks
And ain't no holding me down, even if you holding the shanks
I'm controlling the time, nigga thinking some things
Got the heart of a lion, and I'm as strong as a tank
Sittin' on my thrown and my crown, can't separate me from that
I'm king of all [?] fate, God say be patient for that
Man all I got is my gangster, better not go playing with that
Anything get taken for real, my fault we takin' in back
Bet we go take us some lines 'fore we go take it to law
Boy I got fire in my eye, look at me [?] and go off
Watch how you come at your fate, nigga better be saving your thoughts
Boy all you got is a cape, I make the nation go off
And nigga who put fear in your heart, respect me
Take it [?] 'fore a nigga check me
Hundred P's and Q's what a nigga best be
Who you got your money on? Bet me, let's see
Who the people want
When they see you, they might judge you
Give you side eyes, they don't trust you
Misunderstand you, call you trouble
I understand you, it's just a hustle
Just keep starin' it, let it bubble
You're my brother, I'm not above you
Remember me I'm so there
Don't make us have to go there
Turn and sing it
I stay silent with red even if I'm standing with blue
Whether you're requested or not, bet my demand'll get through
They may be killer to you, hey they my family dude
And anybody could get it, but especially you
These nigga pressin' me, testin' me, what you suggestin' we do?
And wait a second, push your pawn, to play chess with these dude
Yeah we could jump 'em and check em, by sprayin' techs at these fools
Make it to trial, you don't win, indirectly you lose
You bad, makin' that move, your best move
Or end up in the pen like the next dude
Remeber, there's very few like you they let through
They even fewer, they don't want it, now they get through
To get to the level you on, hard to do homes
More nigga do a lot of right, right before they do wrong
And you gone, out of there, nigga see you later
'Less you beat 'em a year later, [?] tell 'em
Who the people want
Get T.I. in the shack, handshake it with 5
Still politicin' with 6, this probably as real as it gets
And bitch I would never be hit with by intellectual weaponry
Ain't no one gon' disrespect me, or compromise my integrity
Say what my pedigree? Silent, guess you talkin' bout I shot it
Bitch you never been to war like I ain't never been to college, c'mon
Fuck what you tellin' me, done lied chill with it
I know folk from where you from, spent months in jail with 'em
Said you [?] took a plea, he ain't tell but you woulda
Let them sucka niggas rob you, they ain't kill you but they shoulda
And a robbery for me is like a suicide mission
Suicide, you should commit it, save a G a life sentence, I swear
You and me ain't even fit to compare
I ain't make it all these years on no wing and a prayer
Starin' a bigger nigga out while he standing right there
Got a problem I'ma handle it right there
Who the people want

Writer(s): Deitrick Haddon, Jarvis Cooper
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