Testo della canzone Bergen to Trondheim (Sun Kil Moon), tratta dall'album Common as Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood

Bergen to Trondheim - Sun Kil Moon

That fuck who killed fifty people in Florida
That's some fucked up shit, I don't care what ethnicity or religion that crazy fuck is
It's my opinion that he deserves a blunt object lodged into his temple
Smash his fucking brain in, of him make an example
That motherfucker's one of thousands like him walking this earth
Out to kill, maim, inflict pain, massive suffering, and hurt
Got me some friends down there in the Sunshine State
Got me a lot of love for them and I know that my love for them is reciprocated
So I'm gonna write a song in honor of those victims in Orlando
Gonna sing a song for them up in Norway, and here's how it's gonna go

For all the families who lost loved ones in Orlando
There's a lot of love for you all over the world, you know
Cause all of you were just having fun, then you lost your lives
My thoughts are with you on my flight from Bergen to Trondheim
For all the families who lost loved ones in Orlando
There's a lot of love for you all over the world, you know
Cause all of you were just having fun, then you lost your lives
My thoughts are with you on my flight from Bergen to Trondheim

Christina Grimmie was shot by a stalker during a meet-and-greet
Just like John Lennon was killed by a crazy fuck at the Dakota suite
Just like Dimebag Darrell was shot three times in the head on stage
Just like young Selena was killed by the girl who ran her fanpage
Recently we lost the greatest, Muhammad Ali
Floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee
What would he have said about this horrific shit in Orlando?
Well the answer to that exactly we're never going to know
But he wrote the shortest poem in all the world's history
And that two word poem embodies his beliefs
He was giving a talk at a college and a student asked
"Ali, a poem please?" and he simply replied "Me, we"

Me, we, me, we, me, we, me, we

What would Ali have said about that fucked up shit in Orlando?
I already told you the answer to that, we're never going to know
But I can tell you one thing about Ali
That I definitely know he stood for uplifting
To always exercize your spirit and your soul
I can tell you one thing that I totally fucking know
The USA better get its shit together fast on gun control
People getting killed in movie theaters
Shot in malls and nightclubs and elementary schools
Watch the cadre of crazy fucks setting machine gun [?]
There are only two people who can solve this atrocity
This sick epidemic that's fucking up our sense of safety and our community
There are only two people that can end these senseless fucking shooting sprees in the world
And the one who had the answer was the late great Muhammad Ali
There are only two people who can put an end to this ever-growing disease
And those two people are me and we

Me, we, me, we, me, we, me, we

My flight just landed yesterday in the Czech Republic
Turkish Radiohead fans attacked at a listening party at an Istanbul, what the fuck
I can't say I ever liked Radiohead too much myself
But that doesn't mean I'd walk into a room with a crowbar and try to beat their fans to death
Okay, so it was a holiday and it was protocol to be fasting
That doesn't justify inflicting pain on those who chose to go out dancing

Ran three laps around my hotel in Dublin today and I saw a rabbit
The thing was so fucking big he looked like a baby kangaroo galloping towards me
Then he veered off and took a left and I look at the courtyard pond
Full of lily pads, mallard ducks, and koi fish
Why is this world simultaneously so beautiful and a pile of shit?
Every day is like a box of chocolates, don't know what we're gonna get
But I'm happy for the rabbit and the ducks near the koi pond that I saw today
And I'm grateful for the convenience store clerk that was kind to me today
And I'm grateful for [?] voice soothing my soul as I took a nap
The little girl in a balloon, flight or fought angel of death in Jail Break

And if you listen to Radiohead on holiday, that's okay with me
Whoever you want to share a bed with, that's totally okay with me
But maiming or killing because of someone's race, religion, or sexuality is 2000% not okay with me
And whoever out there with me does not agree, I will share with you one last time
The two word poem about Muhammad Ali
The only two words that can make change as far as I can see
And again, those words are "me" and "we"

Me, we, me, we, me, we, me, we

Writer(s): Mark Edward Kozelek
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