Testo della canzone Join the New Army (Suicidal Tendencies), tratta dall'album Prime Cuts: The Best of Suicidal Tendencies

Join the New Army - Suicidal Tendencies

Listen up real well, I got a story to tell
Pay attention this way to what I've got to say
Took it to the street, rap to the people we meet
We're rocking out hard to the Suicidal beat
Tried to deny our right, so we put up a fight
Just doing our thang, they tried to call it a gang
Saw the way we look, and that's all that it took
All that they wrote, they had their scapegoat

Dressed down...
Join the Army!

Join the New Army!
The S.T. Army!
Join the New Army!

We're the few, we're the proud, we like to jam it loud
The music we play won't have it any other way
We're armed to the bone with our music and our tone
Recruiting on the street to the sound of our beat
Growing larger every day and every time we play
Don't need no college plan, we're just a hard-rocking band
We like our music to please but we ain't gonna appease
No pressure's too much to make us change our touch

Punk rock...
The Cyco way...
Join the Army!

Join the New Army!
The S.T. Army!
Join the New Army!

Don't be no fool, don't let your prejudice rule
Don't judge by your fear, judge us by your ear
Can't believe every word of every story you've heard
Just play the song, I know you'll start to rock along
Well I don't care 'bout the clothes you wear
It's the size of your heart, not the length of your hair
Don't make no difference to me, the color that you be
Black, white or brown, it's all the same to me

Join the Army...
Join the Army...
The Suicidal Army!
Join the Army...



Well if you still don't believe you best get up and leave
Do what you must do, but this ain't the place for you
You got no right but if you start a fight
We'll be rockin' your head but with our fists instead
I'll fight it with the band, right down till the end
Ask anyone I've met, this ain't no idle threat
Don't flap no lip and it won't come to hip
But as for me, I'm down with the Army

New York...
S.M., Westside... Suicidal!

Join the New Army!
The S.T. Army!
Join the New Army!
The S.T. Army!

Suicidal punk... join the New Army
Suicidal punk... the S.T. Army
Suicidal punk... join the New Army
Suicidal punk... I WANT YOU TO... the Suicidal Army - S.T.!

Writer(s): Mike Muir, Louiche Mayorga
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