Testo della canzone iAuthority (Suicidal Tendencies), tratta dall'album Get Your Fight On!

iAuthority - Suicidal Tendencies

Paging Mr. Psycho Michael
Please report to the microphone, immediately

We make it hit, we make you hot
Without the crazy beats that you just can't stop
Just deliver, straight over the top
The attitude is right, full rock

Fuck the name, free, pursuing legacy
Soon the F.B.I. will say its service was after me
Said I shall make it and I'll shoot them again
That's where the love affair all began

They try to shake us down, take us down, break us down
But it takes a whole lot more than a bad rain cloud to
Bring a final fuckin' suicide man
'Cause you can't bring me down

You can't bring us down, iAuthority
You can't bring us down

And it's so beautiful, that's our forte
And it's too beautiful to me
And it's so beautiful, that's our forte
And it's so beautiful to me

Okay Mr., I think we've heard enough
It's time to step away from that mic

A faster pace, in your face
Anytime or any place
For the power, for the scene or outer space
We'll dish it our like a verse you taste

Remember my first taste of police love
Got my ass beat with a Philly glove
In the alley with my hands right behind my back
That's a test of the devil of a mini attack
For four more days the police riots
The winner out there is their doughnut diets

The sign of the cross says to serve and protect
But we all know that's a bunch of shit
They give a kid a beatdown I'll never forget
So now I'm making sure that they'll never forget

And it's so beautiful, that's our forte
And it's too beautiful to me
And it's so beautiful, that's our forte
And it's so beautiful to me

Drop the mic and come out slowly with your hands up
That was your last warning

I done a full turn, I took the penalty
Show me no respect, no respect you see
You say fuck me? Fuck you!
Fuck my familia? Then fuck yours too!

Everyday I face another test
But that won't change my definition of success
As long as this establishment tries to hold you back
It's your civic duty to be a maniac

A sense yellow pride if it can't fail
And I'll keep pushing until the end
I'll never be a law that can set you free
That's why I keep screaming, "One more time"

And it's too beautiful
And it's too beautiful to me
And it's so beautiful
And it's so beautiful to me

I tell, "One more time"
I tell, "One more time"
I tell, "One more time"


Writer(s): Mike Muir, Dean Pleasants
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