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Testo della canzone Down Deep Into The Pain (Steve Vai), tratta dall'album Live in London

Down Deep Into The Pain - Steve Vai

So naive, so innocent, thrust in a world too intense
Flesh is weak but the soul is strong, and you will bleed but you'll carry on

Yes you need your pain, life is pain
I could hold your hand, but you must take your pain

I don't need sacrifice, I don't need advice
This hurt surrounds me like a dissonance
Anger is power, I use it to protect myself from insanity

You gotta go down deep down into the pain
Let it purge your soul like flesh to a razor blade
Dig down deep into the pain
Surrender, surrender, dig into euphoria

Time may never heal the wounds, hearts bleed hard even the sun cries moon
Fate is tragic just for heavens sake, the good lord giveth and taketh away

'Cause you need your pain, God gave us pain
I can hold you in my arms, but I can't take away your pain

I am not long for this world please save me from myself and my discipline
Lashing out with tight fists in despair, my plight is running from reality

You gotta go down deep down into the pain
Let it purge your soul like flesh to a razor blade
Dig down deep into the pain
Surrender, surrender, dig in, dig in
Put yourself down deep into the pain
Embrace the bliss of pure sensation
You can't escape from the ultimate pain
So let your senses drift into euphoria

Blood is thickest when love is bold
But blood runs thin when the heart grows cold

So you need your pain, we all need pain
We were born into this world to feel the joy of all our pain



The falling will be gentle and soothing
But the awakening will be as riveting as an explosion
Eyes open to total darkness, body floating in encompassing tranquility
And then the voice came
'Hear this voice and know that it will be with you always'
Phantoms of opulent auras emblazed in a repulsively lush turmoil
Of incomprehensible vastness, dance in a sea of timeless infinity
And 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10
Is this the voice of my god? -this is the voice of liberation
Man you've got to be kidding me

Go forth and rise to life rise
You will have the freedom to think and choose as you wish
What do I choose? -you choose in the moment
Your life will be shaped around your choices
And the fight is on, every minute of the day, every action in every way
Is every creature's expression to be one with it's creator
From a simple prayer to a senseless murder

Where do I find you when I need you? -you will search and you will question
Worship me in your joy and curse me in your pain

You will fight, kill and love in my name, but I have no name
Always keep in your thoughts that life is good
But do not fear death, for I am closer to you than your vry own breath
And I love you, and I want you to know me
Now beautiful life awaits you, and when I count to 3, you will awake
And you will remember everything I've said

Writer(s): Steve S. Vai, Vai Steve S
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