Testo della canzone Lone Pine Hill (Steve Earle), tratta dall'album J.T.

Lone Pine Hill - Steve Earle

Well, I swear I see her in my dreams sometimes
Held up in the middle of the night
Shaking like a pistol in a young man's hand
There in the pale moonlight

Standing up the top of that lonely hill
Spared by the company mines
My blue-eyed baby with her best dress on
In the shadow of a lonely pine

It was back before the war when the company came
These hills grew wild and free
Me and my baby we'd hide in the hollers low
Away from the cruel sun's heat

But then they knocked down the timber
And burned off the brush
To get to the riches below
When they pulled out they left a cold black ground
And one pine standing lone
So take me home
To Lone Pine Hill

Well, I signed up back in '61
I'm an army of Virginia man
From Mannasas to Mackonackey
All the way to Sailors Creek fighting for my homeland
After four years gone and all hope lost
And Richmond under siege
And we're digging out Five Forks, waiting in the rain
For Sheridan to bring us to our knees
So take me home
To Lone Pine Hill

There's a strange moon hanging overhead tonight
And if the rain keeps coming then the creek's gonna rise
With the good Lord's grace
I'll make it outta this place
And I'll be in your arms come morning light

So God grant me speed and grant me forgiveness
And carry me on through the night
Take me through your hills and over your rivers
Ana away from this awful fight
So, I ain't never known a man that's ever owned another
And ain't owned nothin' of my own
After four long years I just can't tell you
What the hell I've been fighting for
So take me home
To Lone Pine Hill

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