A Vision of Bliss - Stephen Duffy

Can't make light of it
I'm back in the thick of it
I tried to escape from it
And make a break from it
Behind such lines
Persists the voice of such a fool

I've been running away
From facing up to today
I've made every mistake
That I could possibly make
A worn manila envelope
Of past affairs

The day before I met you I was in the sticks
Hopelessly adrift and broked treated
You offered me no heartaches in a Motel 6
I knew you had the bits to fix my pieces

I've never been higher
Never been higher than this
You are a vision
Of complete and utter bliss

Our first communion
Or is it last testament?
Straight from the hymn sheets
Prostrate on her sheets
The heart has reasons
Which reason cannot comprehend

What dream was I following
Whose line was I borrowing?
I tried to postpone
The chance of sleeping alone
Well, you know what they say
'The strong silent types'

Words are merely symbols and they cannot convey
The feelings you inspire and dig out of me
Here are some more echoes, only echoes of the truth
I hope the light won't disappear so quickly
Maybe we could buy a home
So I could get more pots and pans
There's so much we could own
But it would only serve
As a distraction to our happiness

Writer(s): Stephen Duffy
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