Mr. Popularity (Feat. Consequence) - Statik Selektah

(Feat. Consequence)

Uh uh, uh uh, it's the Conseq' fool, word
(Statik Selektah)

[Verse 1: Consequence]
Uh, we was up in Pop Burger when Pop got murdered
And I admit I never thought that it would pop off further
But when I heard they popped them burners by his grandpa's crib
I needed answers like a teacher who's givin a pop quiz
So once we left the station, where hip hop lives
I went back around the way and popped up at his crib
And his kids said they just came home from Pop Warner
And they pops is in the bathroom, soakin in the sauna
I ran around the corner, to plot his demise
'Cause for crossin the line, pop [gunshot], pop [gunshot], goes the nine
You got to understand my man Pop had a future
He could've been somebody, they didn't have to shoot ya
But on the same note, when you try to hit the pop charts
You better make sure that toaster's on you like a Pop Tart
'Cause it's not smart to be back on the block
Where they wanna hear your bones snap, crackle and pop

[Chorus: Consequence] [scratching of samples]
My name is Mr. Popularity, fam' I get it poppin, for real
("More than a hustler, I'm the definition of it") - Jay-Z
My name is Mr. Popularity, fam' I get it poppin
("Bitch I'm paid, that's all I got to say") - Lil Wayne
My name is Mr. Popularity, fam' I get it poppin
("No-no-no-no matter what I do, you know I do it to death") - T.I.
My name is Mr. Popularity, fam' I get it poppin
("Because I'm number one, competition is none") - Rakim

[Verse 2: Consequence]
Uh, uh
The way Pop was married to the game, he might as well have popped the question
'Cause he would pop and make a chain or pop up in a session
And he was such a headache, that they had to pop Excedrin
And treat 'em like a pop star or urban legend
Even heard from his bredren, that he fiend for the spot light
And the paparazzi that comes with the pop life
Then at the stop light, he was heard talkin shit
Like I could show you how to ball or coach pop a bitch
Of course he got a bitch that he would throw in the drop
Who was shaped like a bottle that was filled with soda pop
And when she went to the cops and gave out information
That's how he wound up in general population
Now she the combination of bein the most popular
And most likely to pop at ya, wasn't too popular
It's like a movie that you watch with popcorn
That ends right before Pop returned to top form


Writer(s): Patrick Baril, Unknown
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