Testo della canzone Until the Mountains Are Gone (Act I) (Soft & Sweet), tratta dall'album Until the Mountains Are Gone

Until the Mountains Are Gone (Act I) - Soft & Sweet

I dreamt that we were on the beach
Your legs could move, your heart could beat
A yellow polka-dot bikini
A tune that wouldn't leave me
I saw you laid out in the sun, eyes closed and smiling

The tide came up so suddenly
And seaweed wrapped around your feet
You said you were The Little Mermaid
Humor was not your forte
Fell asleep on the ride home, peaceful and beautiful

I found a picture in my attic
Where we both look so ecstatic
One week after your first treatment
You said you had a feeling
That in a year, you'd be back home
Dancing and full of life

I boxed away that memory
And dug up something else that's sweet
A journal from when you first met me
I turned to the first entry
And laughed 'cause you misspelled my name
L - é - o - n

And you wrote "I think that I'm in love!"
And "My health is failing fast, but I won't give up
Until the mountains are gone"

I found a tape called "Wedding Day!!!"
A week before the first of May
Your father wheeled you down the aisle
I wiped your tears and smiled
You found the strength for our first dance
Held your body close to mine

I walked downstairs, back to my new life
Christmas with your absence tonight
TV dinner macaroni
I know you would've told me
To take the turkey out the fridge
It's just not the same no more

I guess you call this "Preparation"
Two years now, no explanation
Try my best to remain hopeful
But my view's getting so dull
I've familiarized these halls
The hospital staff is nice

I let myself get lost in dreams
An ideal path; a memory
An outcome that seemed so unlikely
Now holds her hand too tightly
So take me anywhere but here
At least until she wakes up

And you said "I think that I give up
Because the hope that I once had won't be enough
Until the mountains are gone"

Writer(s): Zachary Brown
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