Testo della canzone Restaurant Song (Soft & Sweet), tratta dall'album I Saw Smoke

Restaurant Song - Soft & Sweet

Crossed your legs and cleared your throat
You told the truth just like a joke
And you stay quiet, like an embarrassed kid

Tuck your hair behind your ears
Face your feet, and not your fears
While you're picking the scabs off your wrist

"I got the bill" and paid the check
I left a tip, fifteen percent
In the bathroom just to touch up your face

I watched the black bleed from your eyes
And it should come as no surprise
That this affects you the way that it does

Well you're just scared and a little fucked up
Then you tell me you will never find love
And you should settle with some boy at twenty-two
And I said "Carly, you're too smart to fall for this ruse"
She said "Whatever, I'm weathered, I lose"

He brought me home, unlocked the door
My clothes were scattered across the floor
Stood on my tip-toes and asked "Can you stay?"

I wrap my arms around his neck
We cast a perfect silhouette
Like a poster from a film that you saw

Pseudo-love and one regret
Oh, how I cry after having sex
And he's just smoking by the foot of the bed

I wipe my eyes and say goodnight
And he just turns on the kitchen light
The drink he pours lets me know he's ashamed

Well I'm just sad and a little unsure
Do you see me as a fetish or a girl?
My self-esteem's been framed inside a noose
When he says "Carly, you're too smart to fall for this ruse"
I said "Whatever, I'm weathered, I lose"

Writer(s): Zachary Brown
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