Testo della canzone Never Again (Soft & Sweet), tratta dall'album I Saw Smoke

Never Again - Soft & Sweet

Here we go
Left all our luck on a telephone stuck on a receiver
Broken like promises, or locks on motel doors
Where all the tenants ask
"Shit, what was my cash for?"

And once you think you've got it all figured out
Well, then the city comes to take back your house
You'll go looking for the couch of a friend
And there you'll find me
Standing alone under a streetlight, again

And she once said
"I won't pray to God, he's a fraud, my friend"
"It's as simple as that"

Now with a crucifix and wearing her church dress
Always reminds me to wear my Sunday best

I said "It's proof that anybody can change"
She rolled her eyes and struck a match in the rain
The tires screamed, and she started to pray
But I felt faithless
With a branch in my chest, she didn't know what to say

And I saw smoke
Assumed there's a fire
Call me a liar, but there's reason for that

Like using art to cover holes in the drywall
Or calling home just in case you went AWOL

You crossed your legs and held your arms to your chest
And only smoke when you can see Winter breaths
A candy wrapper stuck to your collarbone
A distance growing
I could fill in the gaps with unsent letters I wrote

And there we are
In an old photograph where she was laughing at the look on my face
Surrounded by family and friends I don't quite know
And then the banner reads "We're glad that you're back home!"

She leaned in close and placed a kiss on my cheek
A friendly gesture to the willing, but weak
I was writing tales about lovers and thieves
In a life that's decaying

I made an escape route
It's called Soft & Sweet

Writer(s): Zachary Brown
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