Testo della canzone Let's Grow Old Together (Soft & Sweet), tratta dall'album I Saw Smoke

Let's Grow Old Together - Soft & Sweet

I wore a black dress that your mother bought
A red coat and a Windsor knot
And a wedding ring you stole from Kay Jewelers

You wore a black suit from Portugal
The one you got for that funeral
But we didn't have the means to start anew

Well I hiccuped through the vows I wrote
You played it off like a rehearsed joke
I never feel embarrassed when I'm with you

So we jumped inside of that broken van
Drug a-dozen-or-so tin cans
Writing "Just Married!" on the back windshield

The first year was a testament
To coping with our vices
And learning how to treat shit properly

From the Winter storm, to the hospital
To the vague threats, metaphorical
Someone pulled a gun at our wits' end

But your shoulder kiss, and that song you wrote
Like kids in class, we were passing notes
Just to see the smirk that we'd hold back

So by the time we reached our anniversary
We'd been in love for centuries
Time just slips away when I'm with you

"So let's grow old together"
"Build a better life than what we weathered"
"Just to say we're not like them"

"So let's not break our promise"
"Even if we think it's common knowledge"
"Just to say we're not like them"

Forty years since wedding bells
High hopes, health scares
And just about everything in between

So we slow danced to Elton John
Red wine and caviar
Trying not to think of what's ahead

Choking tears in a rocking chair
Life never treated either of us fair
I prayed to God from a wooden door frame

Push came to shove, so I sold the house
Piled bills, no spouse
Just pictures on the walls of our past life

Assisted living facility
No visitors, no family
My husband doesn't come around no more

The nurses try to tell me lies
"Ms. Beth, Phil died"
But he calls me on my cellphone every night

They ask me how life used to be
Said "I married him at seventeen"
And we almost killed each other that first year

I keep a letter that he wrote to me
Tucked away in my diary
"Don't go outside, the stars will envy you"

And "Let's grow old together"
"Build a better life than what we weathered"
"Just to say we're not like them"

"So let's not break our promise"
"Even if we think it's common knowledge"
"Just to say we're not like them"
Oh, we're not like them

Writer(s): Zachary Brown
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